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Corset belt black

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  Colourful embroidery has been actual for many seasons ahead already. In Karl Lagerfeld’s opinion, fashion without embroidery is like Bastille Day without fireworks. He inspired many celebrity designers to decorate clothes with embroidered ornaments. 

   We. Ukrainians, have been always excited with our own traditions, that’s why embroidery on a black linen corset belt is not surprising at all. Extraordinary modern design of the model matches well with authentic embroidery. It depicts flowers and buds which are about to burst into bloom and to declare their beauty to the whole world, as well as showy and tender multicoloured leaves. All these elements have been occupying their place of honour in Ukrainian embroidery traditions since ancient times. As of now, artisans of the 21st century utilize them beyond the Ukrainian borders as well. Similar motifs can be traced in the collections of Christopher Klein, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham and other designers.

  The embroidered corset looks tellingly and amazingly neat at the same time. The matter is that it is accomplished in the satin-stitch technique which is one of the most popular and the most beautiful ones. Our designers decided to not overload the item with embroidered patterns as the model itself is extremely extraordinary and stunning.


  The corset belt decorated with embroidery and complemented with a long red lace is an accessory similar to which you have never had in your wardrobe. It will instantly make your look flamboyant and inimitable. Made as a corset, it does not restrict your movements at all and you feel quite comfortable and self-confident. The belt creates a perfect silhouette and enhances your waistline in a favourable way.

  The item goes well with different clothes: jeans, trousers, skirts, shirts, and dresses. The secret of the perfect match is in the harmony of colours and styles. So, are you ready to show off? You have this corset belt for that!

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