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    Corset belt denim Corset belt denim Corset belt denim

Corset belt denim

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Embroidery accomplished with golden threads on the dark-blue background looks incredibly elegant and opulent. This match of tones is the most effective and harmonious for sure. The embroidered pattern is as if shining, radiating the sun, charging with positive vibes and a good mood. It speaks about a wonderful taste and active life position of its recipient who knows well what she wants and achieves that easily.

The sunny embroidery colour pleases the eye not only with its attractive looks but implies a symbolic meaning. Since ancient times, Ukrainian artisans have been choosing yellow threads to draw happiness, prosperity, joy, hope for the better and success to their families and themselves. Golden is the reflection of inner light, warmth, and freedom. Thus, this belt corset will be perfect for energetic and ambitious persons.

The item displays a floral ornament (flowers and leaves mingling in a beautiful way) and geometric motifs (rhombuses, triangles, and lines crossing with one another and thus creating a checked pattern). Its monochromic embroidery is accomplished in satin-stitch. This is a real masterpiece of the embroidery craft filled with sense and incredible aesthetics.


A denim corset belt is a great addition to the wardrobe of a brave, seductive and stylish woman. No doubt, it will draw all attention and will become a star in your image.

Choose a simple monochromic dress of a loose cut or combine jeans with a classic shirt. Put on an embroidered corset dress now – and a plain look will become extraordinary, modern and interesting in a moment.

This model is aimed to complement your beauty, to accentuate your thin waist and to enhance your attractive silhouette. Unlike a classic corset, this belt fastens easily not making any discomfort. You just feel at ease and are confident in your unsurpassed style. 

Additional Information
Color blue
Type of textile cotton

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