• Motanka-doll "Slavna"
    Motanka-doll "Slavna" Motanka-doll "Slavna" Motanka-doll "Slavna" Motanka-doll "Slavna"

Motanka-doll "Slavna"

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It is well-known that the concept of "twisting motanka" meant the creation of dolls. In general, they had two purposes: game and amulets.

Dolls-amulets were created for  children by their mothers. They put this amulet under a pillow to protect from the evil eye.

The doll-motanka "Slavna" is made on a wooden stand made using  natural fabrics: linen, cotton, wool.

This doll is an ideal gift for your family and also a wonderful amulet for the house. Every motanka that goes out from under the hands of our workers is never repeated. 

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