Cotton embroidered dresses - natural and simple!

Cotton embroidered dresses - natural and simple!

Embroidered cotton dresses are increasingly actively winning wardrobes of modern Ukrainian girls and women. Such clothes, made in the national Ukrainian style, are not only beautiful and refined, but also quite distinctive. Every year, an increasing number of fashionistas are in search of a place where you can profitably and successfully buy a cotton embroidered dress! Today, such a company is 2KOLYORY!

Cotton embroidered dress - new for this season

It may be difficult for anyone who wants to replenish their wardrobe with a stylish and natural cotton embroidered dress to make the final choice, because the modern range is able to impress with its variety of colors and styles.

Moreover, the choice in favor of such a solution can simultaneously solve many problems:

  • a block of color along the entire length is noticeably slimmer;
  • flared or straight silhouette - a universal and win-win option for any figure;
  • no more guessing in combination with which bottom wear a new thing.

The modern choice opens up the possibility to choose a model of the most various colors. It is not necessary to dwell on options with bright colors. The color models - black, red, blue, etc., have proven themselves in an excellent way. Discreet or bright embroidery with different densities will create an unusual and magical style for each dress.

The actual trend of this season is colored straight cotton dresses. You can pick up almost any open shoes with a low platform or heel: flip flops, sandals, shoes, clogs. In addition, such an outfit can be supplemented with all kinds of accessories, for example, a leather bag, which is made in ethnic or classic style.

How to choose a cotton embroidered dress?

In order for the new thing not to disappoint and continue to bring pleasure for many seasons, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules in the selection process. The focus should be on the color of the selected product. As practice shows, the best look are beautiful models with rich and vibrant colors that will decorate the appearance of any representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

The next point that you need to pay attention to is the style. The dress should be in shape, emphasizing its merits and skillfully masking flaws. The traditional option is the creases at the neckline, the assembly at the chest level and the fluffy sleeves that go from the shoulders.

If you are eager to buy a cotton embroidered dress, made in a more modern style, then its style will vaguely resemble office counterparts: a fitted case with neat embroidery in the neck, hem and pockets. There are more festive and elegant options that are complemented by embroidered belts.

In an additional way, you should pay attention to the length of the dress. If the hem is decorated with embroidery, it is best to stay on the model, which will be up to the middle of the lower leg or slightly above the knees. This will preserve the proportions of the body and look harmoniously on any figure.