Embroidered dress - what to wear?

Embroidered dress - what to wear?

Ukrainian embroidered dresses are an integral part of the culture and traditions of our people. After a long history, the meaning and appearance of the embroidered dress changed many times, as did the attitude towards them.

And if earlier, hand-embroidered patterns served as real charms of its owner, now you can buy a dress with an embroidered shirt of a modern cut and style that do not carry a sacred meaning, but are a stylish and convenient element of the wardrobe of every real Ukrainian.

Embroidered dresses in the Ukrainian style can be bought at 2KOLYORY, because such models are experiencing a new stage of prosperity, ceasing to be an element of folk decoration, firmly entering the everyday life of modern fashionistas.

How to successfully combine an embroidered dress with your own image

As for shoes, under the embroidered dress you can easily wear summer peeps, sandals or espadrilles. In addition, you can always use modern models of sandals with a square or thick heel and any kind of shoes with ties. In some cases, classic women's shoes look great.

An important aspect will be the choice of bags. It is best to use bag-bags or wicker-bag-baskets that are decorated with fringe, embroidery or beads. It will be interesting to look at a saddle bag made in a light country style, which is suitable for almost any dress and high-heeled shoes.

You can complement your image with a headdress, because almost any hat will look interesting in combination with a dress and an embroidered shirt as well. When choosing a hat, try to make it harmonize with the oval of the face.

To complete the image, it remains to determine the accessories. Here it is best to pick up large, ethnic and massive jewelry. Thin chains with rings and barely noticeable earrings will also look good.

How to wear a dress with embroidered details

Happy owners of a fragile and slim figure can calmly choose for themselves free and straight embroidered dresses that are not tied with a belt. For women with a sports figure, but without a pronounced waist, it is best to use a belt on the hips. In that case, if you are lucky to have a narrow waist and wide hips, then the belt should be placed as high as possible. When choosing long models, remember that they should reach the bottom of the ankles or completely cover the shoes.

We hope that our advice was able to help you and opened new horizons in order to decide: how and with what to wear your dress with embroidery. In the end, we would like to add that it is up to you to decide whether the dress will be a key element of your image or whether it will be a harmonious addition. Do not be afraid to experiment in search of your individual style. And if you have not had time to buy a dress with an embroidered shirt, then this can be done in the 2KOLYORY online store!