• Embroidered dress for girl "Berehynya"
    Embroidered dress for girl "Berehynya" Embroidered dress for girl "Berehynya" Embroidered dress for girl "Berehynya" Embroidered dress for girl "Berehynya"

Embroidered dress for girl "Berehynya"

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      Red and black embroidery, floral ornament and flowers interlaced with each other in an uninterrupted line are traditional elements of Ukrainian embroidery decorating women’s clothing. Apart from the fact that such embroidery produces a wonderful effect and suits young fashion mongers perfectly well, it serves as well as a talisman and implies a symbolic meaning. Flowers are girly beauty, plants are health, and a stripe is a renewal and eternity.

      The dress “Berehynya” will become favourite in a young fashion follower’s wardrobe thanks to its beautiful design, comfortable cut and tactilely pleasant fabric (linen). Its flared sleeves and skirt do not restrict a child and the belt enhances the waist. 

Additional Information
Color Milk
Type of textile Linen

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