Embroidery for boys

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Embroidery in recent years has become a popular clothing all over the world. Today it is worn not only for the holidays, but in everyday life. But choosing such elegant, traditional clothes, not all parents understand which model is better for a child to buy. We will try to figure out how the embroidery for boys is different from others!

Embroidery for boys Features

Specific patterns

Earlier, by baby boy embroidery designs patterns on an shirt it was possible to understand the character of the owner, because in the traditions of Ukraine clothes emphasize the character of a person. Therefore, geometric and floral ornaments were embroidered on embroidered shirts, where each meant something. Each region was distinguished by its embroidery technique and special patterns. Male and female drawings could be clearly distinguished. At the same time, the embroidery for boys and the man were also different. Usually, men's embroidery is decorated with an ornament that is embroidered using the cross-stitch technique. It should not be big and colorful.

Types of fabrics

Embroideries in ancient times were sewn from natural fabric. Today, the selection of shirts is much larger. You can buy embroidery from natural cotton, linen, silk or with various artificial fabrics. Do not underestimate the synthetic fabric, it is comfortable to wear, does not crease and has an affordable price. However, for a child allergic, it is better to choose a natural fabric. Which does not cause skin irritation. Natural fabrics are slightly more expensive than synthetics and require careful wear and care. But it’s better to buy such an embroidery for the baby. The fabric allows air to pass through and allows the skin to breathe, absorbs moisture well, and has antifungal properties.

Style of Embroidery

All men's embroideries differ in the type of cut. They come in these kinds:

  • an embroidered shirt in which there are no shoulder seams;
  • embroidered shirt with a simple fastener;
  • an embroidered shirt with a fastener covered with a shirt front.

Embroideries can be with and without a cuff. And the collar may be absent, be turn-down or stand. Here the choice depends only on your preferences.

Designation of patterns on Ukrainian embroidery for boys shirts

Ukrainian ornament is famous for its uniqueness and beauty. Some patterns are more than a thousand years old, and some have been invented recently. The patterns serve as a charm against evil spirits, and our ancestors believed that certain drawings attract positive qualities to the life of their owner. So, for example, birds on Ukrainian embroidery symbolize the human soul. If there are rhombuses around the birds, then this means the preservation of the human soul from evil forces, misfortunes and black magic. Birds - symbolize the wealth and philosophical nature of Ukrainians. Flowers and leaves denote the birth and infinity of life, grapes represent the joy of creating a family, and its protection. Inflorescences of viburnum, which symbolizes the birth of the Universe as well as immortality of the genus, are also popular on boy's embroideries. By applying such patterns to their children on shirts, mothers believe that their son will preserve and increase the strength of their ancestors.

When children get sick, they apply patterns with marigolds, which relate to healing symbols, on clothes. Our ancestors believed that this symbol is able to heal the soul and body. It may be funny, but who knows, maybe the truth is there is something to it?

Buy baby boy embroidery designs shirts 

Even now embroidery has not lost its magical significance. And a thing bought with love will bring joy! Buy boy embroidery designs shirts in our online store, we carefully create the best products for your children!

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