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Embroidery (Vishyvanka) for the girl

To look stylish, beautiful and graceful is the task of every woman, girl and even a little princess! After all, every woman has this irresistible desire - to dress beautifully so that everyone likes, every woman has it in her blood. Good taste is instilled in a child from childhood. How your daughter will dress in the future depends directly on the parents. Will she be able to harmoniously combine these or other things, will she be stylish?

Today girl's embroidered shirts are in high demand and our catalog contains beautiful girl's embroidered shirts, embroidered dresses, skirts and suits. We have a large assortment of  baby girl's embroidery designs shirts and children's clothing that you will like not only in appearance but also in quality!

Casual and celebratory baby girl embroidery designes

The national costume is back in fashion. Every day in Ukraine, more and more people walk in embroidered shirts. And not only people alone, but entire families and couples. It is very pleasant and beautiful to watch those who value and honor our traditions.

Children's embroideries for girls look especially impressive and elegant. You can dress your daughter in casual or holiday embroidery. Each embroidery that is in our catalog is unique. She will give your beauty a feeling of lightness and airiness, putting on an embroidered shirt your child will be delighted with the fabric and beautiful embroidered patterns.

Material and quality of embroidered girl's shirts

Embroideries for children are made exclusively of natural fabrics, this makes it possible to wear embroideries even to those children who have allergies. Such fabric as linen, cotton, knitwear, homespun cloth, silk are only used. The material provides good ventilation, allowing the body to breathe. The fabrics have bright embroidery and floral ornaments, they do not fade, the strings are not damaged, the color remains bright and saturated.

How to choose an embroidery girl shirt

When choosing an embroidered shirt or embroidered dress, answer 2 questions. Where will the embroidered shirt dress - every day or for a holiday? In which embroidery girl dress will your girl be comfortable? This will help you determine the color, style and ornament. And if you met any difficulties or decide to order an exlusive baby girl embroidery  designes , you are welcome - our designers will help you choose. Just call us!

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