Lviv embroidery

Lviv embroidery

Ukrainian embroidery - a long-standing symbol of its own identity, belonging to the Ukrainian culture and traditions. This national outfit is rightfully entered the history of our people and is closely intertwined with religion, mythology, soul, and the ancient art of our ancestors. Ukrainian embroidery is believed to contain the genetic code. The famous Greek philosopher and historian Herodotus testified that ancient Scythians, who lived on the territory of the Black Sea steppes, decorated their dresses with the help of embroidered clothes. With the help of embroidery in ancient years, our ancestors could understand the social status of a person, identify his region of residence, and even his marital status. This outfit played a key role in regional aspects, simultaneously acting as a guardian and additional protection for its owner.

Peculiarities of Lviv embroidery

Each region could boast of its own features in the art of embroidery. To date, buy Ukrainian embroidery will not be a problem, and this attribute of the wardrobe builds its own trends in the fashion world, being an additional reason for national pride, demonstrating the Ukrainian spirit and patriotism. Lviv embroidery has characteristic features: between the patterns of the drawing there is a white space, which visually makes the product lighter and more transparent. Looking at the Ukrainian embroidery in the photo, you can see that most of them are made with a cross, distantly resembling the finest lace. A small black cobweb skillfully combines with blue, red, green and yellow colors. Lviv region is different in that they like to combine several different patterns at the same time. Amazing and magical geometric shapes and patterns, special ornaments and signs that look very beautiful, unusual and authentic are created on the light canvas. In order to Lviv embroidery look volume and stand out - between the ornaments always left a bright canvas.

Types of Lviv embroidery

Lviv region boasts the presence of its own group of Ukrainian embroidered shirts. In this region stand out: Yavorivsky, Gorodok and Sokalsky areas. Yavorov embroideries are characterized by high artistic qualities. This area has developed its own image and the principle of embroidery, which later became widespread and popular. As early as the 19th century, it was called “the glorious Yavorevka”. The unique embroidery technique of the Yaworki District consisted in the fact that the craftswoman could recreate small elements from a multitude of individual parts - astrakhan, pines, wedges, etc. All this was embroidered with the help of multi-colored threads and looked very interesting and festive. In Ukrainian dresses, embroidered shirts used special sleeves and cuffs, which were fully embroidered, and a small cut was made in the front. The Gorodok District received its own distinctive ornaments, which were composed of fragments of a multipath rosette. Embroidery took place in town seam, mostly in blue, red and sometimes black. Gorodok seam in the form of crescents is the hallmark of this region of the Lviv region. As a rule, alternating round sockets with elements of a broken tape were connected to the overall composition. In recent years, Sokal embroideries have become the most popular and widespread type of national clothing in Ukraine. These shirts are often distinguished by stitches that are tightly aligned to each other, where the beginning of the adjacent stitch sector coincides with the end of the previous wall.