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Over recent years, in our country it has become especially relevant and fashionable to wear embroidered shirts - an invariable symbol of Ukrainian Cossacks, which successfully emphasizes the patriotic mood of its owner. Residents of Kiev and all Ukraine with joy supported the new fashion trend, in connection with which many designers, presenters, athletes and other media personalities actively use elements of Ukrainian national clothes in their looks.

Any men's embroidered shirt has a unique and inimitable pattern, which favorably distinguishes this element of clothing in comparison with other analogues. Men's Ukrainian clothing embroidered with national ornaments or poppies is able to maintain color and emphasize the solemnity of the chosen event. Therefore, every Ukrainian man must have in his own wardrobe outerwear, made in the national style. And if your man has not yet managed to get it, you now have an idea for a great gift for the next holiday!

What should be a high-quality men's embroidered shirt?

A real men's embroidered shirt  should be of exceptional quality, because in the vast majority of cases, manual labor or modern machine embroidery technologies are used. Contrary to a widespread misconception, products made using machine embroidery look no worse than hand-made patterns, having a bright and clear pattern. In addition, the factory version will differ at a lower price, and you will get a great thing made of natural materials - cotton, linen, etc.

High-quality men's embroidered shirt has the following properties:

  • a gorgeous and rich pattern in black, red, blue or green;
  • the use of natural tissues that do not irritate the skin;
  • spacious sleeves that taper closer to the wrist;
  • fitted or rounded collar.

Nowadays, black and white men's shirts with embroidery are in the greatest demand. A strong half of humanity is happy to wear things of both colors, depending on the event, weather and their own mood. At the same time, men can wear a shirt, both for graduation, and tucking it in jeans or trousers.

Where to buy embroidered men's embroidered shirt?

The "2KOLYORY" online store offers a wide selection of clothing for men, made in the national Ukrainian style. You have an opportunity to profitably buy men's embroidered shirts here, depending on your own taste preferences. The electronic catalog includes only current and popular models that are in demand this season. The excellent quality of the presented products will allow to enjoy the clothes purchased from us during many years and leave a positive impression on our team!

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