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Ukrainian vyshyvanka for men is once again popular and is constantly becoming fashionable clothing in all Ukrainian cities. Today, many men buy embroidered shirts in order to dress up for special holidays, weekdays, business meetings, to go to church. On christening or on the sacrament of wedding. And it is natural that men choose embroidered shirts! After all, an embroidered shirt is not just a shirt, but a “work of art”. Unusual beauty Ukrainian patterns give a man's shirt a unique and individual appearance. You have a great opportunity to buy vyshyvanka for men from us at a bargain price. A noble, natural fabric and with an embroidered pattern will delight you with its quality and rich vibrant color.

Vyshyvanka for men today

What is national clothes for Ukrainians? Of course, an embroidered shirt! And this is not only an aesthetically beautiful thing, it has a deeper symbolic meaning. For our ancestors for many centuries, embroidered shirts were a mascot. Old, forgotten traditions gained a chance for a second life. Now in the streets you can increasingly see people dressed in embroidered shirts.

Vyshyvanka for men, as before, is made only from natural fabrics, this is selected cotton or linen. A pattern on a modern men's embroidered shirt is only aesthetic in nature, although for our ancestors it had a sacred meaning. Indeed, a long time ago, by the pattern on the shirt, our great-grandfathers could determine from which region a particular person came from. The ornament on the men's embroidery is considered special. He, as our ancestors believed, protects not only the body of a male warrior, but also his soul.

Men's vyshyvanka - fabric, cut, patterns and colors

Usually shirts are sewn from natural fabrics, but there are also synthetic ones, since they do not crease and do not require special care. The golden mean is a men's vyshyvanka, both from natural and synthetic fabrics.

Separation of men's shirts by the cut type

Men's shirts cut:

  • without shoulder seams;
  • with a fastener;
  • with a fastener covered with a shirt front;
  • with inserts and cuffs;
  • sleeves without inserts and without cuff.

Collars also vary in cut:

  • without a collar;
  • with a stand-up collar;
  • with a turn-down collar.

All models are beautiful and unique in their own way, choose exactly what you like.

If you are confused, do not be alarmed! It is not necessary to know all these subtleties when choosing an embroidered shirt. The main selection criterion is whether you like this embroidery or not. Will you feel comfortable in it, and the type of cut fades into the background.

Shirts Colors and Ornament

As for the color scheme and ornament, here you need to be guided by your own preferences. You only need to buy an embroidered shirt, which is more suitable for you in color and style. The embroidery will emphasize your character and values.

How to buy Ukrainian men's vyshyvanka?

In our online store, you can buy high-quality men's vyshyvanka, with bright, original embroidery at a pleasantly low price.

Buy men's vyshyvanka shirts from us, because these are clothes of extraordinary beauty and the shirt will show that you have an excellent taste, you love your country and honor its traditions.

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