Superstitious beliefs in embroidery or what does embroidery cloth mean?

Superstitious beliefs in embroidery or what does embroidery cloth mean?

Many people, one way or another, associate ukrainian embroidery with a variety of mysticism. This is easily explained by the signs of embroiderers that have been formed over several centuries and have survived to this day. In the process of embroidering amulets and national clothes, Ukrainian craftswomen laid their own special and sacred meaning in each color and applied pattern, which became one of the reasons for the popularity of Ukrainian embroidery around the world.

The meaning of colors in embroidered clothes

Since ancient times, red, white and black color has become the most common in Ukrainian embroidered shirts. Red color symbolize love, joy, energy of the sun. In addition, it is believed that it carries powerful vital energy.

From ancient times, it was believed that white color provides a replenishment of a person’s energy reserves, therefore embroideries made using this color were considered a symbol of innocence, which protected their mistress from a bad look and protected from misfortunes.

Contrary to popular belief, black was not always used as mourning. Since ancient times, it has been associated with prolific chernozem, attracting well-being and wealth to humans.

What is more, you can often see national Ukrainian clothes, made in blue, green or yellow (gold) colors. Green color was considered the most feminine, making references to the spring mood, youth, beauty and carefree.

Blue is considered one of the most powerful colors - it is a real symbol of water and sky. The meaning of the embroidery made in blue colors can be interpreted as peace of mind and liberation from ailments.

In turn, yellow or gold color was often used as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and joy. Such embroidered shirts can bring material wealth and happiness to your life.

The value of patterns on embroidered shirts

Currently, embroidered clothing gains popularity not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. By entering the search query “Embroidered clothing” on the Internet, you will be surprised how great consumer demand is. This is not surprising, because embroidery cloth are not just stylish and always fashionable clothes, this is a real amulet where each completed pattern has its own personal meaning.

On many samples you can find embroidered bunches of grapes that symbolize family values ​​and joy. In turn, viburnum and oak will represent powerful strength and immortal beauty.

Quite often you can see embroidered ornaments in the form of water and the sun, which are blessed signs, harmoniously combining two vital elements.

Among the popular youth symbols, one can distinguish hops, which carries the energy of love and development. Bereginya is a flower that contains maternal strength, which is able to protect not only the hostess, but also take care of her children.

Embroidered clothing will be interesting to all - men, women, and children, and people in age so far. You can choose the variant of the Ukrainian embroidery clothes online for everyone, including for yourself.