Embroidery dresses - Traditional Ukrainian Clothing

Embroidery dresses - Traditional Ukrainian Clothing

«Traditional Ukrainian Clothing» – such a search query often leads foreign people to our store. If you like Ukrainian traditions, and you are eager to be in trend, then our online store “2KOLYORY” offers a wide selection of Ukrainian folk clothes. We offer a variety of stylish models for men, women and children as well. In addition, the choice of family Ukrainian national clothes is available.

All products are made of high quality and reliable materials. Your choice is available a variety of styles with original colors and patterns that can satisfy the most demanding customers. The electronic catalog contains products from the category “Ukrainian Clothing”, made using machine embroidery.

What is the difference between old and new Ukrainian folk clothes?

Regularly growing interest in the direction of Traditional Ukrainian Clothing on the part of the world community is associated with the unique design, Ukrainian traditions and history. Given this trend, it is necessary not only to support, but also to develop the Ukrainians themselves. Therefore, we offer to buy Ukrainian national clothes at an affordable price by placing an order on our resource.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand the differences between modern models and vintage clothing of our ancestors. In ancient times, all women wore straight and long shirts with a large neckline. Such a cut was chosen for a reason: it was possible to breastfeed the baby simply by dismissing the ribbon. The shirts performed the functions of underwear, and on top of them they put on vests, plakhta (handmade Ukrainian wool fabric) and tied a wide belt.

Modern designs with embroidery have become much shorter and more practical. Models up to mid-thigh are considered the optimal length. Endured changes and silhouette - due to modern patterns, it is possible to favorably isolate all the advantages of the figure and hide the flaws. As a material for sewing used a variety of natural fabrics. The resulting samples look festive and extraordinary, allowing you to stand out in a crowd.

Where to buy Ukrainian national clothes?

Ukrainian folk clothes have long ceased to be the element of the wardrobe, which previously wore only a couple of times a year. Today, embroidered shirts are the current global trend, so having several such things in your wardrobe is the norm, not the exception.

If you want to buy traditional Ukrainian clothes, we invite you to become the 2KOLYORY online store customer. We have selected the most fresh and fashionable models at competitive prices. Each individual item represents a harmonious balance between an excellent fit, modern cut and high-quality materials from natural fabrics. Prompt delivery of ordered goods is possible throughout Ukraine.