Ukrainian tattoos - like embroidered shirts on the body

Ukrainian tattoos - like embroidered shirts on the body

In recent years, the patriotic theme has again become fashionable, which with a new force has embraced the most diverse life directions of modern Ukrainians. This can include not only clothes, paraphernalia, jewelry and all kinds of accessories, but also more serious things. People who decide to consolidate their sense of love for the country forever, apply embroidered tattoos and other patriotic images. Today we will try to consider the most popular options for embroidered tattoos and other patterns.

The most popular modern tattoos

Most often, patriotic Ukrainian tattoos can be seen on young guys and girls, although from time to time they can also be found on people of fairly respectable age. Ukrainians prefer images that resemble something expensive, personal and eternal, which is unchanged throughout life.

Among the most popular drawings, one can distinguish an embroidered tattoo on the arm, patterns in the form of the immortal Kobzar, a trident or a national flag. As a color scheme, yellow or blue is usually used, but for a tattoo, embroideries on the arm choose a red-black or blue color that looks beautiful and practically does not fade over time. From time to time, you can meet people with packed outlines of a map of Ukraine or famous paintings from national artists.

Pro-Ukrainian quotes, sayings, poems and catchphrases are very popular. Lines of favorite songs, which are often performed in a stylized form, have also spread.

Tattoo in the Ukrainian style with the military

Armed forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are much more likely than other people to apply Ukrainian tattoos to their bodies. Most often this happens before you go to the war zone and they are rarely scared when they are likely to be captured by the enemy with similar patterns. Embroidered tattoos and other patriotic images act as a kind of talisman throughout the service.

As a rule, fighters prefer concise, simple and small tattoos. In addition to the flags and emblems already listed, drawings may contain inscriptions like: “Glory to Ukraine!” And others.

The military prefers tattoos on the forearms or shoulders. They are much less likely to be placed on their stomach, chest, back, or legs. Some make tattoos as a memory, after returning from the war zone, to forever capture the times when they defended their country. In this regard, drawings with emblems of battalions and units where the service took place are popular.

Everyone has their own attitude to tattoos. Some cover almost all of their skin with them, while others prefer to admire images on the body of acquaintances or on the Internet, leaving their skin clean. Remember, to make a tattoo in the Ukrainian style or not is a personal choice and the right of everyone.