Ukrainian embroidery

Ukrainian embroidery

Surely everyone agrees that the Ukrainian national shirts are distinguished by a delicate sense of style and beauty. Such things were appreciated all over the world, and clothes with embroidered elements are often included in the collections of fashion designers and are worth a fortune. Today, having decided to buy a Ukrainian embroidered shirt, we rarely think about the meaning of its color and the patterns depicted. While our ancestors had the most diverse wardrobe, where each shirt was designed for specific occasions!

Traditions of wearing Ukrainian embroidery

Every Ukrainian since ancient times had a festive shirt. These shirts are always performed in white. Even the poorest residents necessarily had a festive light shirt, which was reserved for special and solemn occasions. Almost every family in the wardrobe chest kept linen Ukrainian embroidered shirts. These shirts are usually different cream or gray tint, as was made of unbleached linen. Linen shirts have traditionally been considered a sign of an average level of affluence. Red color has always been considered a symbol of love, fun, serenity and happiness. Such clothes are often used in their wardrobe by women and girls who brought joy and happiness. Black color symbolized grief, misfortune and grief. Ukrainians used similar colors of clothes in the days of mourning and funerals. In some parts of Ukraine, black shirts could be worn by older men. In villages and villages, it was often possible to see young girls dressed in blue Ukrainian embroidered dresses. The choice of this color was a symbol of purity and innocence, so it was used by girls who were not going to marry.

Ornaments in the Ukrainian embroidery

In our culture and history it is known about the multiple ornaments and patterns that were used in national dress. Ukrainian embroidery, photos of which are presented on our website, testifies to this as well as possible. Let's look at the main options for ornaments:

  • geometric;
  • zoomorphic;
  • vegetable.

Ornaments denoting fire — diamond-shaped lattices and icons of the sun with dots and rays — have always been considered masculine signs. Signs of the earth in the form of straight lines and patterns are traditionally female. On such embroidered shirts often depicted waves, spirals and signs of water. In the form of the most common patterns are often berries, flowers and grapes. For example, embroidered poppies represent reliable protection from evil, because this flower is a symbol of the continuation of the genus. Mack had a slightly different meaning, being a flower of war. Therefore, when a man died in the family, the widow embroidered a shirt with bright red poppies. Kalina was often used on Ukrainian embroidery among married women, because such a berry was always considered a symbol of the immortal race and motherhood. Children were forbidden to wear clothes with similar patterns. Shirts with patterns in the form of hops were characteristic outfit for single guys. Hop interpreted with youth, daring and love. As you may have guessed, married men did not wear shirts with hop ornaments. The image of grapes on a white background served as a symbol of a prosperous, joyful and full-fledged family life. Such an outfit deserved special popularity among residents of Kiev and Poltava. Just imagine that our ancestors could identify all the information about the person standing in front of him: what was his fate, where did he come from and what were his intentions! Today, the choice of embroidery is made depending on our tastes, but agree that in all the ornaments and traditions there is something sacred and magical!