Vyshivanka (Embroidered Dress) - Ukrainian clothes in Canada

Vyshivanka (Embroidered Dress) - Ukrainian clothes in Canada

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Ukrainian embroidery is popular not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. For instance, in Canada, it created a real sensation and there is simply no end to those who are eager to buy traditional embroidered clothes. Moreover, the embroidery is interesting not only for immigrants from Ukraine - the Ukrainian diaspora who lives there, but also for people of other nationalities, including the indigenous Canadians.

If you are looking for high-quality embroidered clothes with traditional Ukrainian ornaments, we are ready to offer you a wide range of fashionable wardrobe for your whole family!

Types of traditional Ukrainian clothes in Canada that we offer

Ukrainian embroidery in Canada is a fairly general designation of what we can offer you. In fact, the range of clothes we produce is quite extensive:

  • A shirt with embroidery for men, women and children is the most traditional version of Ukrainian national attire.
  • Fashionable women's blouse with embroidery.
  • Embroidery dresses of various lengths.
  • Women's belts with Ukrainian ornaments
  • Outerwear with embroidery, and much more.

All of the above perfectly combines traditional Ukrainian ornament, as well as modern styles, allowing you to look fashionable, stylish and bright.

The secret the Ukrainian national clothes such a high popularity is that it has a unique, not ordinary look and is visually very different, even from expensive brand clothes. But for immigrants from Ukraine, whom constantly live in Canada, this is not important. Ukrainian embroidery is, first of all, a part of Ukrainian culture, a part of the Motherland for every Ukrainian.

In addition, clothing with traditional embroidery will be appropriate anytime and anywhere. For evening walks, for going to the theater and other cultural places, for celebrating various events and just for everyday wear.

Buy clothes with Ukrainian embroidery in Canada - embroidery from the 2KOLYORY company

Vyshivanka (embroidered dress) is a cool choice of clothing for your whole family. If, despite your living in Canada, you feel your connection with Ukrainian culture, you are interested in the life of the country and its residents, Ukrainian embroidery is your opportunity to establish even closer contact with the roots and have a piece of Ukraine in your heart, at home.

Order clothes with traditional Ukrainian embroidery from us with the delivery to Canada possibility.

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