Popular embroidery in the Dnipro

Popular embroidery in the Dnipro

Historians agree that the first embroidered shirts appeared in the 6th century AD. To date, they have become an integral component of clothing for most Ukrainians. In Dnipro, as in other Ukrainian cities, national symbolism in clothing is an actual trend, which in the coming years will increase its popularity. Fortunately, it is not difficult to buy embroidery in Dnipro - the online shop 2KOLYORY offers an excellent selection of models at good prices. Thanks to what you can become the owner of a unique and stylish look!

What does the color of embroidery mean?

Before you buy embroidery in Dnipro, you need to understand its distinctive features. Special attention is required for the color of the threads and their combination with each other. Each individual color has its own designation, creating a unique energy:

  • black - a sign of prosperity;
  • white - a symbol of purity and love;
  • red - designates passion and love, increases the vital energy;
  • green - responsible for naturalness and health;
  • pink and blue - symbolize a calm and measured life;
  • gold and yellow - a sign of wealth and wisdom;
  • blue - a symbol of the feminine and water.

The modern choice of embroidery in Dnipro implies the presence of both one-color or two-color, and multi-color models. According to established traditions, the residents of the Dnipro region mostly wore two-tone dresses, monochrome chose in Poltava and Chernihiv regions, and multi-color patterns were in demand in Western Ukraine.

Where to buy embroidery in Dnipro?

In order to quickly and successfully buy embroidery in Dnipro, it is no longer necessary to search for specialty stores around the city or go into the outback where local craftswomen will fulfill your order.

The 2KOLYORY online store is a specialized resource where a large selection of finished products is presented. Here you will find various attributes of children's, women's and men's wardrobe with embroidery: shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, outerwear, etc.

Before you buy embroidery in Dnipro for yourself or as a gift, you need to remember that this is not only an original thing, but also a unique mascot that contains spiritual aspirations and the centuries-old wisdom of our people. Each depicted symbol or pattern carries a sacred meaning and protects its owner.

Men embroidery “Rhombus Kosach”      Women embroidery “Podolyanka”                   Blouse embroidery Serpanok white