How to buy embroidery (so-called vyshyvanka) in Lviv

How to buy embroidery (so-called vyshyvanka) in Lviv

Ukrainian embroidery is a stylish and fashionable modern trend. Recent years such purchases are regularly included in the top version of Google in Lviv. Today, buying embroidery is where the Motherland begins. This tradition is positive, so we offer to actively develop and support it.

Lviv embroidery and their features

The presence of its own traditional clothing can boast of almost any people. But only Lviv embroidery, at the same time, combines sacral and patriotic character.

For centuries, hand-embroidered products in Ukraine were considered a sign of love, kind of mascot, and attention. And today, embroidery in Lviv can be bought not only for yourself but also for your friends and relatives, thereby supporting the national spirit and demonstrating your patriotism. Literally ten years ago, national clothes were not so popular and in demand, not only among young people but also among adults. Now on each school line or any other official event, you can find Lviv embroidered shirts that radiate positive and bright emotions with their whole appearance.

Today it is difficult to imagine Lviv without Ukrainian embroidery and Ukrainian embroidery without Lviv. Almost every Ukrainian knows that buying embroidery in Lviv is a tribute to ancestors and Ukrainian culture. Only in this western city, you can breathe deeply with national traditions and it is here that the style and traditions of real Ukrainians are best known.

Where to buy embroidery in Lviv?

Lviv embroidery is one of the most ancient ways of trimming, which have not lost their relevance and attractiveness today. Carefully looking closely, we will be able to notice embroidered shirts in the wardrobes of famous athletes, actors and TV hosts. Many national companies are actively using the image of embroidery to create an individual and unique style.

2KOLYORY "online store" is the place where you can profitably buy embroidery in Lviv. The best specialists of the company create unique models using natural materials and modern machine embroidery technologies. Products presented in our store catalog successfully combine:

  • originality;
  • uniqueness;
  • volume and brightness;
  • elegance;
  • individuality.

In addition, embroidery in Lviv differs in practicality - the material does not fade, is not washed off even after multiple washings and does not fade in the sun. An additional bonus will be the durability of the products that will allow you to wear your favorite clothes for a long time.

     Embroidered dress "Bereginya"      Dress tunic embroidered "Pervotsvet" milk              Women embroidery "Kosach"