Ukrainian embroidery in Qatar

Ukrainian embroidery in Qatar

Embroidery has gained high popularity not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. Such clothes are in great demand in Canada and the USA, Poland and the Czech Republic, Singapore and even Qatar. This is because, thanks to our efforts, traditional Ukrainian clothing has found notes of modernity and has become a truly fashionable bow. The symbiosis of the Ukrainian national embroidery and modern patterns in the tailoring has done its job - Ukrainian embroidery has become in a great demand, it has become truly recognizable!

If you are looking for the best place to buy Ukrainian clothes with embroidery in Qatar, we are happy to offer our range of works for every taste! Here you will find fashionable clothes for men, women and even children, everything you wished for!

Embroidered clothing in Qatar from the fashionable 2KOLYORY Ukrainian brand

In general, embroidery is something special for each person. It has a special meaning. When you buy ordinary clothes from the eminent fashion house, you are happy to wear it only for the first time. Then your interest is lost to this thing, because it is the same as everything, there is no zest in it. But embroidery - it is always fashionable, always relevant and beautiful attire of all. It perfectly combines the traditions of centuries-old Ukrainian culture, as well as modern trends in clothing.

Vyshivanka (embroidered dress) will remain relevant for many decades and, whenever you put it on - for a holiday, a party or a walk - it will be very useful.

Despite the fact that our embroidered clothes are based on the traditional Ukrainian ornament, it is in great demand in Qatar. Patterns attract lovers to stand out from the crowd and look different from everyone.

The range of embroidery clothing from our company is quite multifaceted:

  • Embroidered shirts for men and children;
  • Blouses for girls and women;
  • Dresses of various styles with Ukrainian embroidery;
  • Skirts, belts;
  • And even outerwear with traditional Ukrainian ornaments.
    • Buy Ukrainian embroidery in Qatar – the 2KOLYORY company

      Finding embroidered clothes in Qatar, with traditional Ukrainian patterns is very difficult. But we are ready to simplify your search and offer a multi-faceted range of clothes created by us. Our embroidered shirts will be a wonderful purchase for you, as well as suitable as an exclusive gift for your relatives and friends.

      Each embroidery contains a piece of Ukrainian culture, so order it and wear it with pride, not forgetting your ethnic roots and your Homeland!

      Mi delivered vishitiy odag to be-yak point of sight, now i'm up to you!

      Embroidered clothes are sent to you in Qatar

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      • Укр. почта. Delivery by this method is free for shipments outside Ukraine (payment in USD). Delivery time varies from 12 to 15 days.
      • UPS. Express delivery to any country of the world. Delivery time is 3-4 days. The cost is 40 USD.

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