Traditional Ukrainian clothes in the USA

Traditional Ukrainian clothes in the USA

Mi delivered vishitiy odag to be-yak point of sight, now i'm up to you!

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Traditional Ukrainian clothing in the United States is in the same demand as in the homeland of embroidery - in Ukraine. Moreover, those who want to buy embroidery in America are not only among the Ukrainian diaspora, but also Native Americans, who have been living in the country for more than one century. That's because traditional Ukrainian clothes in the United States have their own unique color, ornament, color combination, which can not leave anyone indifferent. So in case you are eager to buy Ukrainian embroidery in the USA, do it with us! We offer dozens of unique models of traditional Ukrainian clothes that you will not have an opportunity to buy in a regular boutique.

Embroidery in the USA and the reasons for the unprecedented demand for traditional Ukrainian clothes in America

Today clothing from fashion brands rare can surprise people. After all, if you have money, everyone can buy it. But Ukrainian embroidery in America is really something unique. There are several reasons for this.

  • Firstly, getting embroidery in the USA is not very easy. On the fingers of one hand, you can count companies that offer Ukrainian national clothing in America.
  • Secondly, embroidery looks unusual and, of course, draws attention to itself and its owner.
  • Thirdly, it is a unique bow that can be worn on the occasion of various events in life. For example, on some important national holiday, on an evening walk, on a party.

Of course, embroidery in the USA warms people from Ukraine mentally, reminding them of where and by whom they were born, keeping pieces of Ukrainian culture in each. Therefore, embroidery is more than just a beautiful and fashionable dress. This is, first of all, evidence that Ukrainian culture is interesting far beyond the borders of Ukraine and it is close not only to Ukrainians, but also to many other nations of the world, including Americans.

Buy embroidery in the USA

Vyshivanki (embroidered dresses) will be interesting to all - men, women, and children, and people in age so far. You can choose the variant of the Ukrainian national clothes for everyone, including for yourself.

Today our clothes range is represented by various products:

  • Embroidery shirts for men;
  • Embroidery for women and children;
  • Dresses with Ukrainian embroidery;
  • Blouses, belts;
  • Outerwear with traditional Ukrainian embroidery, etc.

Place an order for the embroidery from us right now, go to the catalog of our clothes!