Vyshyvanka and embroidered clothing in Australia

Vyshyvanka and embroidered clothing in Australia

Mi delivered vishitiy odag to be-yak point of sight, now i'm up to you!

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Today, things with national symbols and colors are deservedly popular all over the world, including in Australia. Every nation and culture is unique, distinguished by its unique traditional clothing. At the same time, only Ukrainian embroideries in Australia are able to carry not only a patriotic and sacral meaning, but also to be a fashionable design solution for a wide range of modern people.

Most of the world’s famous designers regularly include in their designer collections of robes, executed in traditional ethnic styles with a variety of embroideries and ornaments. Despite the impressive choice of clothes, the entire public highlights the culture of embroidered Ukrainian clothing. Many years ago, embroideries were made from flax, hemp or cotton and decorated with original national patterns and ornaments that were located on the sleeves and collar. Referring to the submitted catalog 2KOLYORY, you can quickly find a wide selection of products for yourself, your loved ones.

Presented range of embroidery in Australia

Online store 2KOLYORY offers a diverse selection of models, which is aimed at men, women and children. In addition, family outfits are presented. Representatives of the strong half of humanity will be able to find original shirts and embroidered shirts. Especially for girls and women is available a wide selection of unique dresses, shirts, skirts and blouses. In addition, you can order additional accessories from us:

  • tablecloths;
  • belts;
  • kits for baptism;
  • wreaths;
  • beads;
  • earrings;
  • motanki dolls.

The 2KOLYORY brand has the goal of preserving and transmitting the longstanding traditions of the Ukrainian people. The presented clothes and thematic accessories successfully combine historical national foundations and modern fashion trends. Our craftsmen create beautiful and comfortable embroidered shirts in Australia, both for special occasions and for everyday life.

Brand 2KOLYORY in Australia - always stylish and fashionable!

The history of our company began in 2015, when the couple Oksana and Igor Kovalenko decided to create their own trademark, giving it a special name. The 2KOLYORY brand is a harmonious combination of two elements - past and future, which is reflected in all the presented products.

Among the main tasks of our company is the goal of preserving and transmitting national traditions to our children. The successful combination of current world trends and traditions of the Ukrainian people allows you to create unique models with embroidery, which are deservedly popular. Our friendly team regularly makes maximum efforts to ensure that each client becomes at least a little happier and remains pleased with his purchase!

Go to the goods presented on our website catalog and choose your best embroidery!