• Dress embroidered “Barvogray” navy
    Dress embroidered “Barvogray” navy Dress embroidered “Barvogray” navy Dress embroidered “Barvogray” navy Dress embroidered “Barvogray” navy

Dress embroidered “Barvogray” navy

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    Dress “Barvograi” – will be a beautiful acquisition for young ladies who appreciate exclusive and exquisite things. Indeed, this dress deservedly belongs to the category of “special”, thanks to the stylish style, rich embroidery and high-quality fabric.

    Embroidery – “French cross”

    Hutsul embroidery spreads out on the bulky sleeves of the dress-embroidered "Bavohray".  Made of natural linen and embroidered with the technique of "French cross", it has straight cut and secret fasteners of all length. The successful selection of color gamma plays colors on canvas and conveys beauty. Hutsul color.

Embroidery Symbolism:

Geometric ornaments carry a symbolic meaning, which focuses on the ancient ideas of fruitfulness, multiplication, goodness and protection from evil eyes.

    In Hutsulshchyna such a kind of ornament, called - "point", "diamond", and also it is found on women's stocks of Zhytomyr Polissya - is one of the oldest types of belt untitered two-tone dress that existed until the end of the 19th century.

The dress has secret button-fasteners, embroidered side panels are decorated with brushes (kutasiki), the belt with embroidery is decorated with brushes.

Additional Information
Color Darkblue
Size XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
Type of textile Linen

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