• Dress embroidered “Dina” East
    Dress embroidered “Dina” East Dress embroidered “Dina” East Dress embroidered “Dina” East Dress embroidered “Dina” East

Dress embroidered “Dina” East

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   Embroidered Dress “Dina” impressive character, design and implementation. The fabric chosen for its making – it’s one hundred percent linen. Colored embroidery, located on the sleeves and skirts, bright accent is good that there will not ignore discerning beauties. Free cut, the optimum length (140 cm) long sleeves make the dress not only beautiful and spectacular, but very comfortable.

    Embroidery born in the Middle East is striking by its diversity and unpredictability, it can be performed in calm pastel shades, can be based on one color, but can capture bright colors, while Ukrainian craftsmen always adhere to the rules of symbolism, investing in each color. and the ornament has some content, eastern embroiderers experiment with shades, and if they could not share experiences and ideas a few centuries ago, then there are no obstacles at all, and our designers have taken a bold step towards the mysterious East, having performed an interesting, original and stylish color embroidery on the dress "Dina" belonging to the corresponding collection.

    Here you can see the various shades, including pink and blue, which dominate the overall composition. Executed on a strict and demanding black background, these colors look especially fresh and tender. Together, they form an incredible contrast, from which it is impossible to take a look. This embroidery sets the mood, it makes the dress so lively and somewhat fluttering. 

Additional Information
Color Black
Size XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
Sleeve Long sleeve
Type of textile Linen

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