• Dress embroidered “Kolosky” ochre
    Dress embroidered “Kolosky” ochre Dress embroidered “Kolosky” ochre Dress embroidered “Kolosky” ochre Dress embroidered “Kolosky” ochre

Dress embroidered “Kolosky” ochre

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    The trench dress “Spikelets” has a warm tint of ocher that improves mood and brings positive colours in daily life. The dress is made of eco-chamois. It has a loose cut that provides an absolute comfort while wearing. The dress is supplemented with a belt with tassels having the same colour as the embroidery itself. It looks really suitable and stylish.

    By intertwining with each other, spikelets create an incredibly good composition and provide genuine aesthetic pleasure. This composition can be observed in the trench dress “Spikelets” that looks stylish and original, concise and elegant. Silver satin stitch on the orange background demonstrates an incredible combination of colours and tints.

     The image of spikelets on clothes is a bold idea of our craftswomen, as in ancient times wheat embroidery adorned the towels only. Hanging on the walls in houses, they symbolized prosperity of the family and health, adding desired comfort to the home atmosphere and wished the owners wealth.
     Our designers are sure that embroidered spikelets are no less relevant in modern clothes. Moreover, such solution looks authentic, and does not allow forgetting one’s origin and native land. Everyone understands these symbols one’s own way, thus finding something native and close.
Additional Information
Color Yellow
Size XS, S, M, L
Sleeve 3/4
Type of textile Eco-suede

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