• Dress tunic vyshyvanka "Pervotsvet" milk
    Dress tunic vyshyvanka "Pervotsvet" milk Dress tunic vyshyvanka "Pervotsvet" milk Dress tunic vyshyvanka "Pervotsvet" milk Dress tunic vyshyvanka "Pervotsvet" milk

Dress tunic vyshyvanka "Pervotsvet" milk

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    Details: free cut, sleeve raglan with a wide cuff, the wrist is regulated by ties with tufts, the central bar has secret locking buttons, pockets are located in the side seams     

    Embroidery technique: damask stitch

    Composition: fabric - flax, threads - viscose

"Embroidered tunic Pervocvet ""is made of natural, high-quality flaxenen linen embroidered with orange and bright blue threads. The sleeve is decorated with authentic Easter ornament, complemented with ties with wrists, which allows you to choose and independently create an image that corresponds to the mood. The event is dressed in tunic over the knee, embroidered on the sides and pockets, the belt comes in. The free cut and the clasp in front make it comfortable and versatile.

Symbolic of ornament:

    At the heart of the ornament lies the image of a spring flower - Pervozvit. Loved by ukrainians so it is probably a plant and is surrounded by a myriad of beautiful legends and beliefs. Inflorescences of the primrose look like a bundle of keys, with which the spring opens the door in the summer. According to the legend, the plant grew up in the place where St. Peter drove keys from paradise, and in many countries, believed that the primrose brings good luck and protects from the troubles. 

    To the women's embroidered dress - tunics "Pervozvit" you can buy a kid embroidery "Pervotsvit" knit bag for a girl (see the section of family embroidered clothes) 

    Tunic Pervotsvit is a thing that should be in your wardrobe

Additional Information
Color Milk
Size XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
Type of textile Linen

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