• Embroidered dress Bagrivka sea wave
    Embroidered dress Bagrivka sea wave Embroidered dress Bagrivka sea wave Embroidered dress Bagrivka sea wave Embroidered dress Bagrivka sea wave Embroidered dress Bagrivka sea wave

Embroidered dress Bagrivka sea wave

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    Embroidery occupies the leading role in the decoration of national Ukrainian clothing. It is respected both in its native land and beyond its borders. The tradition to decorate clothes with embroidered patterns exists in many countries all over the world. Many of them were borrowed by Ukrainians as well. In particular, this refers to the embroidering of Cossack’s leader clothes which flourishing dates back to the 17th- 18th centuries. 

    This very period is marked with the flourishing of Ukrainian Cossacks whose rich representatives could afford luxurious clothes decorated with embroidery. Active merchant relations promoted the penetration of many elements into the style of clothes and accessories, and embroidery in particular. 

    The so-called Cossack embroidery was performed with expensive threads (golden, silver, silk, cotton) and was featured with intensive floral patterns. 

    The motifs of the embroidery described above can be observed on the dress “Bagrivka” which demonstrates a successful combination of the authentic and the contemporary. This dress conveys an important energetic component as every embroidered pattern symbolizes something. Thus, the depicting of flowers on a female dress not only enhances the uniqueness and attractiveness of its recipient but shows life, blooming, a woman’s beauty and health at the same time. May the embroidered ornaments on the dress “Bargivka” bring you what you aspire. Our artisans have put only positive emotions into them. Embodied on the cloth, may they inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams. 

    The dress “Bagrivka” is decorated with a beautiful embroidery on the sleeves and skirt, it has quite a laconic design. It is not overloaded with décor but makes the most pleasant impression with its delicate and minimalistic style. The dress is sewn from high quality suede, a beautiful, sturdy and long lasting material. It will become a successful decision to refresh your autumn-winter wardrobe. The dress enhances the waist line with a belt. It is featured with extraordinary broad and wavy sleeves and a long skirt with a rounded lower part. The model goes well with various pieces of jewelry. High boots, botillons or classic décolleté shoes will match it perfectly.  

Additional Information
Color Sea wave
Type of textile eco-suede

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