• Embroidered dress Bagrovka claret
    Embroidered dress Bagrovka claret Embroidered dress Bagrovka claret Embroidered dress Bagrovka claret Embroidered dress Bagrovka claret Embroidered dress Bagrovka claret

Embroidered dress Bagrovka claret

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    The colder the weather is, the more reserved the colours in our wardrobe are. Who made this unfair rule? It is time to break stereotypes and to dress into bright cozy clothes with a beautiful décor. May this décor be the embroidery, just like on the dress “Bagrivka” performed in the claret hue. This model deserves the special attention of demanding fashionable women as it combines reserve and challenge, authentic embroidery and modern design, it is light and serious at the same time. 

    The embroidery on the dress is placed on the sleeves and skirt. It is based on the embroidery techniques which have survived since the  flourishing times of Ukrainian Cossacks. It is known among artisans as the embroidery of Cossack leaders as it was applied to decorate expensive clothes of rich Cossacks, their spouses, children and relatives. It is significant that this embroidery was crafted with special threads like zapoloch (coloured cotton threads), sukhozlatka (golden and silver threads), silk threads and others. 

    The embroidery on the modern dress “Bagrivka” looks extremely beneficial, elegant and mesmerizing. It does make the look heavy, it compliments it in a delicate way. Speaking in general, embroidery on female clothes is a good sign. Embroidered symbols and floral ornaments in particular, bring a woman the aspired luck, add self confidence and uniqueness, give her wings for new accomplishments. 

    A beautiful silhouette, deep claret colour, elaborate embroidery – all this makes the dress “Bagrivka” unique and stirs a wish to have it. Put it on and you will feel like a queen in a moment, as claret is a royal tone. This dress will make your posture flawless, your figure slim, and your look inimitable. Its puff, slightly flared sleeves give lightness, the belt enhances the waist and forms a silhouette and the long skirt adds confidence and gives the desired comfort. The model is sewn from high quality suede which gives you a chic look and warms up on a cold day. Put this dress on with footwear in which you feel the most comfortable (boots, shoes, botillons) and accessorize it as you wish.

Additional Information
Color Claret
Type of textile eco-suede

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