• Embroidered dress “Begenynya”
    Embroidered dress “Begenynya” Embroidered dress “Begenynya” Embroidered dress “Begenynya” Embroidered dress “Begenynya”

Embroidered dress “Begenynya”

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Details: loose cut, wide lush sleeve with horizontal pleats, ties – brushes on the neck, wide belt.

The embroidery technique is smooth.

Ideal for men’s embroidery “Obereg”.

    Embroidered dress “Bereginya” – is a reflection of the very essence of the Ukrainian woman. Delicate, stylish and comfortable, it will conquer not only your heart, but also the hearts of other people.

    The embroidered dress "Bereginya" is made of natural linen fabric and is decorated with red and black embroidery, with special attention being attracted by sleeves, along the length, abundantly embroidered with sacred ornament - Bereginya.Original addition to the dress are horizontal folds laid in the center of the sleeve and at the bottom of the dress, which makes it colorful and stylish.The wide belt, embroidered with embroidery and tweezers, successfully emphasizes the waist. Due to the strong cotton thread, the embroidery looks volumetric and textured.

Embroidery symbol:

    Bereginya is the mother of all living things, the original divinity - the protector of man, the goddess of fertility, nature and good. The goddess protects the genus, purifies, and heals the kinship. On the embroidery, Bereginya is depicted as a magical flower-lady who protects white, red and black grains: a grain of spirit, blood and earth-flesh, ready to explode in this space in space for the birth of a new life. Her arms are burdened with earthly seeds of development, but only she knows the time of that magical swing-sowing. She is Mother Nature itself, which carries the worlds and essence of creation, and the essence of protection, and because of this - eternal renewal and harmony of life.

Additional Information
Color Milk
Size XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
Type of textile Linen

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