• Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver
    Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver

Family vyshyvanka “Grym" and "Gromovytsya" silver

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Woman embroidery

Crystal pure, immensely tender, festive – this is the way the embroidery on the wedding dress should be. We designed the dress “Lightning” just like that. It will become a real adornment of your wedding. 

    The embroidery on this model is extraordinary and authentic. It is performed in the way which goes back to the Cossack times of the 17th -18th centuries utilizing expensive threads: silver, golden, silk and cotton. Clothes and female dresses in particular which were embroidered with silver, eloquently showed a family’s welfare. If it concerned a young bride’s attire, it was obvious that she had a good dowry. 

    Such embroidery looks rich and luxurious today as well. Alongside with that, it is so intricate and fragile that it reflects the mood of the holiday in the best way possible. Artisans worked thoroughly on this embroidery. They used high quality threads and applied ancient embroidery techniques to create it.

    The embroidery depicts flowers – beautiful, fresh, full of life and power. Their symbolic meaning is dual. The flower is like a bride who is ready for marriage, baby delivery, ready to keep the family hearth and to become the hostess at home. She has flourished with her body and soul, she is young and beautiful, she loves and is beloved. 

    Also, since ancient times, lots of flowers on embroidery have been symbolizing a big family, growing and prosperous. Woven branches, leaves and buds are a friendly family, never-ending kin and a long life.

    The wedding dress “Lightning” is tailored in a classic way: a slim-fit style, a round outlet, a narrow waist, a long and a bit wavy skirt falling down to the floor. Extraordinary puff sleeves are gathered on the wrist in narrow cuffs. The dress looks festive and elegant decorated with embroidery in abundance on the sleeves, skirt and bust area. 

    The given model will help you to create an unforgettable and unique look – you will catch the eye of your adoring husband-to-be and all your guests in it. The well thought and beneficial design of the dress makes your shape beautiful enhancing all your advantages. 

     Man embroidery

 Modern Ukrainians are ancestors of brave and fearless Cossacks who defended the honour of their people and protected their native land from evil eyes and invaders’ swords. A Cossack who loves his Motherland and is proud of his roots lives in every young and experienced man. Do you feel that this refers to yourself or your beloved? Then pay attention to the embroidered shirt “Thunder” decorated with authentic embroidery which history goes back to the seventeenth century. 

    Accomplished with silver threads according to a unique old technique, this embroidery is rich in flowers and other floral elements. The given pattern is specific not only for the above mentioned times but for the classic Ukrainian embroidered shirt as well. It traditionally symbolizes flourishing, health, youth, great yields and welfare. Interwoven flowers and greenery promise the kin’s eternity, a long life, and a strong, big and rich family. 

    Embroidery of those times is featured with expensive materials, and silver or golden threads in particular (sukhozlatka). It is known that artisan  chose the best fabrics for such embroidered shirts. They were sewn for rich Cossacks who could afford luxury clothes at that time. 

    The shirt “Thunder” embroidered with silver threads is a wonderful addition to your festivity: wedding, birthday, social gathering or just a good day. It ideally matches classic trousers and jeans, straight or slim fit.

    By all means, you will feel comfortable and at ease in this embroidered shirt, as it is made from high quality linen. Its straight cut does not restrain movements and that of course makes the item comfortable and suitable for any composition type. Thus, this model suits any man – it changes his outward appearance, raises mood as if enveloping with a holiday spirit and positive vibes. 

Additional Information
Color White
Type of textile linen

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