•   Woman embroidery “Dyka ruzha" red
      Woman embroidery “Dyka ruzha" red   Woman embroidery “Dyka ruzha" red   Woman embroidery “Dyka ruzha" red

Woman embroidery “Dyka ruzha" red

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Red is your favourite colour or you long for it only today? Red is the colour of love, passion, health and wellbeing. Red is in the turbulence of life. Not only psychologists state that, but our ancestors also said the same, too. They chose red threads for embroidering to give clothes strength, energy and life conveyed with red.


If everything mentioned above is close to your heart, the embroidered shirt “Wild rose flower” is waiting for you. It is the choice of passionate natures eager to enhance their individuality and to stand out from the crowd. It fits those who lack confidence as well, as a bright and impressive shirt is the best way to tackle complexes. Because you know that you look unsurpassed in it.


Puffed sleeves of the model feature incredible embroidery crafted in claret and black threads. Also, they display application with white flowers and white inlays which turns a seemingly classic thing into an original one. The item is 65 cm long. 

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