Ukrainian embroidered dresses

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An embroidery dress is a feminine look striking element

The richness and variety of embroidered dresses is so great that it saves you time when choosing additional jewelry. An embroidered dress is not only an item of outerwear, it is an indicator of your taste and style, and most importantly, a dress can emphasize your femininity, which men love so much. Dress with embroidery looks very beautiful and attractive.

 ukrainian embroidered dresse were in fashion even when our ancestors were pagans. They worshiped the forces of nature, and just then the first ornaments appeared on clothes, as well as on household items. The art of embroidering women has been taught since childhood. They embroidered both clothes and dowry for their wedding – special holiday towels (called rushnyks).

Different patterns could express devotion to divine powers, uniqueness, as well as the individual taste of each bride. Today, the national ornament on the dress is a symbol of kindness and respect for traditions. In our online store you can buy a dress with Ukrainian embroidery. Unique patterns are created by our experienced designers with extensive experience. We offer such a large assortment that every Ukrainian can choose the outfit that suits her and conquer others with her original and individual style.

To buy embroidered dress with an embroidered shirt - dilute your wardrobe with bright designer clothes

An embroidered dress is a good alternative to the fluffy, elegant dresses that are so tired of everyone. This dress looks beautiful and expensive. In the Ukrainian dress you will always feel comfortable and practical. Here you can buy more than 20 different models of dresses, as well as choose the right size, color, length and fabric.

All patterns in our store are unique and they are copyright. Each thing that our designers make is a symbol of beauty, cleanliness and health. Our ukrainian embroidered dresses are sewn exclusively from quality natural materials. Our masterpieces are very comfortable to wear: in them you will always feel comfortable and beautiful everywhere. The dress does not cough up, does not cause allergies and retains its original color even after many washes.

Every woman should have at least one beautiful and unique thing in her closet. Feel free to buy embroidered dress and your image will always be unique, sophisticated and fashionable.

Embroidered dresses in Ukrainian style you can buy here

We will provide you with a large selection of  ukrainian embroidered dresses in different colors and with different patterns. The embroidered dress is a universal outfit for any situation and for any event. In it, every young girl or woman will look unique at a birthday, wedding or at a solemn meeting. In this outfit, you will stand out from the crowd, subtly emphasizing your love for the country, its history and traditions.

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