• Embroidery dress "Ruta" okhra
    Embroidery dress "Ruta" okhra Embroidery dress "Ruta" okhra Embroidery dress "Ruta" okhra Embroidery dress "Ruta" okhra Embroidery dress "Ruta" okhra

Embroidery dress "Ruta" okhra

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    There are so many stereotypes regarding black embroidery. Like, it is appropriate only for male clothing or for mourning. Ukrainian ethnos researchers buster these myths stating that black embroidery is a characteristic feature of western regions. It has been always considered there a symbol of wellbeing, welfare, and fertility. To follow these good old traditions, we created the dress Ruta with black embroidery. What is more, we chose an extraordinary fabric in the ochre colour. It features floral ornaments, with branches and blooming buds mingling with each other. The embroidery is placed on the puffed sleeves of the dress. 

    The garment draws attention not only because of its embroidery but its extraordinary “sailor” collar originating from West Volyn. It is commonly known as “Lady Mary’s” – like on Our Lady’s attires depicted on icons. Artisans used it to create clothes and we borrowed this pattern for our model Ruta. The dress is designed to give you comfort – it has a loose cut hiding your shapes a little, front fasteners and pockets, high-end natural fabric. The dress has a middle length (110 cm) to show your legs well. So, put on elegant shoes and be confident in your beauty. 

Additional Information
Color Okhra
Type of textile Linen

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