Women's embroidered shirts

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When wearing embroidery, it is pleasing to each of us to realize that we are true to the traditions of our people, and to honor the culture and art of our ancestors. Vyshivanki is one of the wonderful works of our talented people, it can be said that it characterizes the material and spiritual culture of Ukraine.

Women's embroidery is a symbol of beauty, happiness and love. This kind of versatile thing that can stand you out from the crowd, embroidery will add femininity, enhance your beauty and personality. Today, traditional women's embroideries are purchased for a holiday or church, birthday, wedding or wedding.

Classic Ukrainian embroidery will never go out of style, it will always be in high demand among people of different sex and age.

You can buy embroidery from us, this indispensable traditional thing will bring to its owner positive emotions, emphasize beauty and uniqueness.

To buy embroidery from natural fabrics

We make embroidered shirts of high quality fabrics, and the original cut combines traditional Ukrainian motifs and modern style. You can buy embroidery in Kiev or Lviv in any color and from any fabric. Embroidery is made of linen, cotton, cotton and silk. Occasionally, viscose and polyester are added to cotton or linen to give a body-friendly fabric that holds its shape well, does not crumble, and does not "sit" when washing.

The embroidery can be selected in bright saturated red-black, white-white, delicate pink, blue or yellow. Unique ornaments, floral and floral patterns are harmoniously combined on any embroidery.

Our designers have created delicate exquisite clothing for young girls, as well as elegant and luxurious embroideries for women. Modern women's embroideries can be combined with a business suit, with a skirt of all styles, with jeans and trousers of different models.

Buy women's embroidery - it's always comfortable, stylish, and most importantly feminine beautiful. Such clothes will suit any woman, she will add brightness for the holiday and individuality on weekdays.

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