on order , purchase , sale and delivery goods 
This contract between FOP " Ihor Viktorovych Kovalenko ", c hereinafter " Seller " and by the user services internet site , v _ hereinafter - " Customer ", is contract authorization on order , purchase and delivery Goods and determines the main ones conditions order , purchase and delivery goods by Internet website _  Buyer acting _ with purpose acquisition Accepts goods _ conditions this contract purchase - sale goods ( further - Contract ) on the following conditions _
1.1. Public offer ( hereinafter - " Offer ") - public offer Seller , addressed undefined circle persons , to conclude with Seller contract purchase - sale of goods remote method ( hereinafter - " Contract ") on conditions that _ are contained in this Offers , including all Appendices .
1.2. An order is a decision The customer order goods and him delivery , processed in online store _ and / or authorization on acquisition and delivery goods _
2.1. Listed lower information is official an offer ( offer ) of any online store _ physical person ( hereinafter referred to as the Buyer ) to conclude contract purchase - sale goods _ Mentioned contract is public , i.e. , respectively to Article 633 of the Civil Code code of Ukraine him conditions are the same for everyone buyers _
2.2. According to with Article 642 Civil of the Code of Ukraine full and unconditionally acceptance conditions given offers ( offers ) that confirms conclusion Agreement purchase - sale goods on proposed lower conditions , there are fact design and confirmation order _
2.3. Designation Order Buyer confirms harmonization and unconditionally adoption by him conditions this one offers ( offers ).
2.4. Laying The contract ( i.e accepting conditions real Offers ( Offered opportunities ) by design Order ), Buyer confirms the following :
Buyer quite and fully familiarized , and agree with conditions this one offers ( offers );
He gives permission on collection , processing and transmission personal data on conditions specified _ lower in Caveats of collection , processing and transfers personal data permission on processing personal data works for everything term actions Agreement , a also for unlimited term after end him actions _ Except of this , conclusion Agreement Customer confirms that _ he notified ( without additional message ) about rights established _ by law of Ukraine " Pro protection personal data ", about objectives collection data , a also about that which _ him personal data are transmitted To the seller with purpose opportunities implementation conditions this Agreement , opportunities carrying out mutual settlements , a also for receiving accounts , acts and others documents . Customer also agrees with because _ _ Seller has right give access and transfer him personal data third persons without any _ _ additional messages The customer , no changing at this goal processing personal data . Amount rights The customer , as of the subject personal data in accordance to of the law of Ukraine " Pro protection personal given to him known and understandable _
3.1. Price on each position Goods specified on site Internet store . _
3.2. Seller has right in unilateral of order change the price on any _ _ position Goods .
3.3. IN case changes prices on booked Goods Seller undertakes _ _ to inform The buyer about change prices Goods .
3.4. Buyer has right to confirm or cancel Order on acquisition Goods , if price changed Seller after design Order .
3.5. Change Seller prices on paid The buyer Goods not is allowed
3.6. Seller indicates cost delivery Goods on site Internet - store or informs to the buyer at design order Operator .
3.7. Commitment _ _ The buyer on payment Goods are considered performed with moment income To the seller funds _
3.8. Calculations between Seller and The buyer by Goods are carried out in the ways indicated on site Internet - store in section " Delivery and payment ".
4.1. Order Goods is carried out The buyer by operator _ on phone :
(0 96 ) 961 - 10 - 35
or by service site Internet - store https:// 2kolyory . com
4.2. At registration on site Internet - store Buyer undertakes _ _ to provide the next registration information :
4.2.1. Name and i am _ The buyer or specified by him person ( recipient );
4.2.2. Address , for which trace to deliver Product ( if delivery to addresses Buyer );
4.2.3. Address electronic mail ( no mandatory _ _ field for filling );
4.2.4. contact phone _
4.3. Name , quantity , article , price the chosen one The buyer Goods are specified in basket The buyer on site Internet store . _
4.4. If To the seller necessary additional information , he has right to invite her in Buyer . IN case failure to provide necessary information Buyer , Seller not carries responsibility by granting quality services To the buyer at buyers goods in online store . _
4.5. At design Order by Operator ( clause 4.1. of this Offers ) Buyer undertakes _ _ to provide information specified _ in p . 4.2. this one Offers .
4.6. Approval The buyer conditions this one Offers is carried out by help introduction The buyer relevant data in registration form on site Internet - store or at design Order by Operator . After design Order by Operator data about The buyer are registered in base data Seller .
4.7. Buyer carries responsibility by certainty given information at design Order .
4.8. Contract purchase - sale remote way between Seller and The buyer is considered concluded with moment electronic design order on service site online store _ or issues Seller to the buyer cash register or commodity check or another document that _ confirms payment Goods . 
5.1. Ways , order and terms delivery goods specified on site in section " Delivery and payment ". Order and conditions delivery ordered of goods Buyer agrees with operator Internet market _ in moment design shopping _
5.2. Pickup of goods :
5.2.1. After formation applications buyer may settle and get your goods by address : m . Kyiv , St. _ Maksymovicha 2, Mon - Fri from 08:30 to 16:30
5.2.2. Right property and risk random losses or damage of goods passes to The customer or him To the representative with moment receiving of goods by and signature Parties commodity check and / or order ( and / or authorization on acquisition and delivery of goods ) on delivery _
5.3. Delivery of goods is carried out own forces employees online store _ in accordance to conditions delivery , or from involvement the third persons ( carrier ).
5.4. At receiving of goods Customer should in presence representative Kur ' era verify conformity Goods qualitative and quantitative characteristics , ( name goods , quantity , completeness ).
5.5. Customer or Representative The customer under time acceptance of goods confirms his own signature in commodity check and / or orders on delivery goods that _ not has claims to quantity goods , external appearance and completeness of the product .
6.1. Customer has right refuse from of goods in any _ _ time to him transmission , a after transfers of goods - in of order and on conditions specified _ by law of Ukraine " Pro protection rights consumers ".
6.2. Return of goods proper quality possible in case if _ saved him freight appearance , consumer properties , a also a document that confirms fact shopping and conditions order specified of the product .
6.3. Customer not has rights refuse from of goods proper quality that _ has individually - defined properties if _ mentioned goods may be used exclusively A consumer who him bought , ( v t . h _ not standard , for desire Customer , sizes and other ). Confirmation of what _ goods has individually - defined properties are _ difference sizes of goods and others characteristics that _ specified in online store . _
6.4. Return of goods , in the cases provided for by law and hereby By contract , it is carried out by address specified _ on site in section " Delivery and payment ".
6.5. At refusal The customer from of goods proper quality Seller returns funds in size cost such Goods , for except expenses seller on delivery goods which _ returns _
6.6. Return the specified amount in p . 6.5. is carried out within 7 working days days after receiving return shop of the product .
7.1. Seller not carries responsibility by damage caused _ to the buyer because of inappropriate using Goods , in advance ordered on site https:// 2kolyory . com and purchased in Seller .
7.2. Seller not carries responsibility by inappropriate , untimely implementation Orders and their own obligations _ _ in case granting The buyer unreliable or wrong information .
7.3. Seller and Buyer carry responsibility by implementation their own obligations _ _ in accordance to valid legislation of Ukraine and provisions this Agreement .
7.4. Seller or Buyer are released from responsibility by complete or partial failure their own obligations , if _ _ failure is as a result force majeure _ circumstances as : war or military actions , earthquake , flood , fire and others spontaneous disaster that _ arose regardless from will Seller and / or The buyer after conclusion this contract _ The party that not may perform your obligation , immediately _ _ informs about it the other Party .
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