using services online store ( further Internet Store ), user expresses own in accordance with the Policy Confidentiality . Internet-shop leaves by by myself right to make changes to the Policy Confidentiality on your judgment _ User takes on himself responsibility by familiarization with the updated version Politicians Privacy , respectively to which are regulated rules use Online store .

The main ones points Politicians privacy :

1. Online Store collects some information about user that _ wears personal character , however user himself disposed of those in which volumes her to provide

2. Online Store undertakes not to sell and not give personal data user third persons No by whose circumstances , except cases when _ it direct may require legislation ( for example , by request court ).

3. Online Store may use personal information user for in order to contact him with a purpose commercial offers , news , and also another information that _ is interest for users .

be please read the full _ text Politicians Confidentiality .

Gathering information personal character

At use some services Online store , for example , orders of goods , Internet Store offers to the user to provide certain information personal character by help filling Forms . Decision about use similar services or refusal from them is accepted by the user In case , if user will want use by these services , Internet Store may ask him to provide personal data , for example , name and surname , address electronic mail , number phone and the other information that _ identifies user _ Depending from species services , some information personal character must be provided in mandatory in order , in that time as others data are provided by desire _ If user not will provide necessary information _ for granting certain services , yes service not can be him provided _

At provided information in the online store , you agree that _ this one information may to depart by limits state borders of Ukraine , as well as stored and processed Online store .

Using information personal character

Internet-shop collects information about user that _ wears personal character , with a purpose help to the user in receipt that or another information or services _ When user enters your data , they become noticeable only him himself and the administrator Online store .

Possibility of choice

For preservation privacy , user not obliged give U.S information which _ may to cause by by myself any inconvenience . However , the use resources Online store impossible without granting some personal mandatory information . _ _ _

Use of cookie files

With a purpose improvement work site Internet-shop uses cookies _ for accounting ( recording ) of visits user _ Cookie is file small size which _ is transferred browser user by help web server and can be known only those server which _ him sent _ similar files impossible use as _ performed programs or for implementation viruses . Under time visiting you Internet Store , administration Online store automatically becomes available information with standard magazines registration server (server logs). Here IP address is included yours computer ( or proxy server , if he is used for access to the Internet ), name Internet provider , name domain , type browser and operating room systems , information about site from which You went to the Internet Store , pages Online store , which You visit , date and time these visits , files , which You download _ It information is analyzed by us in the aggregate ( impersonal ) form for analysis attendance Internet Store , and is used at developers proposals of him improvement and development _ Connection between Your IP address and your personal information never not is revealed third persons , for except those cases when _ it requires legislation .

Technical information about visiting Internet Store ( depersonalized ) as well collect installed on site counters statistics . This kind data not allows personally identify user , that is him anonymity will be saved if _ only he himself not will provide Online store information about myself _

Claims on issues privacy

If the user has developed opinion about that which _ Internet-shop not executed your obligation on compliance given Politicians Privacy , he may to send letter with complaint , using form for connection _

In the letter necessary maximum in detail to describe what _ _ way Online Store , on opinion user , violated Politics Confidentiality . All complaints will be considered proper way _

If user not agree with the Policy Confidentiality Internet Store , then him not is recommended use services Online store .