2KOLYORY - DNA of the Ukrainian nation.

   The history of the brand began in 2015, when the spouses Igor and Oksana Kovalenko founded their own production and gave it a special name.    

   The 2KOLYORY brand is a combination of two elements, beginning and end, female and male, past and future, black and red - the eternal opposition to opposites.

   Our mission is to preserve centuries-old traditions of our ancestors and transfer sacred knowledge to our children. By combining the traditions of the Ukrainian people and world trends, we create modern clothing with embroidery and embroidery, which we want to wear for every day and for special events. 

   In our values, we invest what inspires us and creates the foundation for our work. First and foremost, this is our team. It is important for us to look in the same direction, to reach the common goal.

   We measure our work with positive feedback, always listen to our customers. It helps us to determine the vector of our movement and development.