• Man vyshyvanka “Romby kosach”
    Man vyshyvanka “Romby kosach” Man vyshyvanka “Romby kosach” Man vyshyvanka “Romby kosach” Man vyshyvanka “Romby kosach”

Man vyshyvanka “Romby kosach”

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    Traditional men’s embroidery “Rhombus Kosach” with author’s Ukrainian ornament, made of high-quality flax. At the heart of the pattern is an ornament from the collection “Ukrainian Patterns”, a writer, public figure, ethnographer – Elena Pchelka (Olga Petrovna Kosach), known all over the world. Embroidered sewn from natural linen fabric and has an excellent color combination of embroidery – blue and red colors, symbolizing the two elements – water and fire.

    Symbols of embroidery:

    The square (or rhombus), divided by a cross into four parts, symbolized a plowed field, if inside there are points-a seeded field. These are the signs of the Earth and fertility. Their images have long been embroidered on male embroidery. They handed their power to the owner of the shirt and the thread color with which it was embroidered: the blue threads symbolized the water, combined with the red ones, the color of fire. Such a shirt symbolizes “living water”. This combination serves as a powerful amulet, protecting men from evil forces and disasters.

    Details: free cut, long sleeve, stand-up collar and ties-brushes on the neck

    Composition: high-quality flax, yarn-thread

    Features: delicate washing at a temperature of no more than 30 C

    It is ideally combined with female embroidery “Ромбы Косач” (link)

    Embroidery is ideal for both classic trousers and jeans. Thanks to natural fabric, it is very comfortable and pleasing to the body. Bright chest ornament complements the embroidered cuffs. Collar is decorated with brushes

Additional Information
Color White
Size XS, S, M, L, XL ,XXL
Type of textile Linen

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