• Woman embroidery “Kosach”
    Woman embroidery “Kosach” Woman embroidery “Kosach” Woman embroidery “Kosach” Woman embroidery “Kosach”

Woman embroidery “Kosach”

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Details: loose cut, sleeve “raglan”, collar-stand, decorated with ruffles and decorated with ties at the neck

Features: delicate washing at a temperature of no higher than 30С

Ideally combined with the male embroidery “Rhombus Kosach”

    A wonderful combination of colors and arrangement of the ornament allows you to look beautiful, both on a holiday and in everyday life. Shirt will be a good purchase for ladies who appreciate Ukrainian traditions and exquisite things.

    Shirt “Rhombus Kosach” – stylized with ancient Volyn ornaments – embroidered. The ornament is reproduced according to the materials of the well-known collection “Ukrainian Patterns” of the Ukrainian writer, public figure, ethnographer-Elena Pchilka (Olga Petrovna Kosach), used for sewing embroideries, the combination of blue and red predominates in embroidery. These two colors symbolize the two elements – water and fire.

Symbols of embroidery:

    The rhombus has long been associated with the fertility of the earth – the feminine and the masculine. The three corners in the rhombus symbolize the woman who is the mistress, the mother and the keeper of the family, and only the fourth corner is the man who completes the integrity of the symbol. The rhomboid patterns were embroidered on wedding towels and wedding attire of the bride. Clothing with embroidered rhombuses, a young woman, pregnant, should wear before the birth of a child, since this symbol served as a powerful amulet.

Additional Information
Color White
Size XS, S, M, L, XL ,XXL
Type of textile Linen

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