Woman embroidery “Dyka ruzha" white

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Items from grandma's chest... They aren't like those in your wardrobe now. It's not about design or style; it's about soul. Boutique items often seem empty and futile, while our ancestors' clothes, especially embroidered shirts, feel magical, filled with power and deep meaning. What's the secret? Can we revive this magic today? Absolutely! We've done it with the classic Ukrainian vyshyvanka "Dyka Ruzha" in traditional burgundy and black on white fabric. Modern touches and red flower appliqués add extra charm. The blouse length is 65 cm.

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Fabric color: White


Things from your granny’s box. They are not similar to those living in your wardrobe now. And it is not about design or style. It is about their soul. Things from one more boutique seem empty and useless. But the attires of our ancestors and embroidered shirts in particular, are somewhat magic, full of power and deep meaning. What makes the difference? And can this magic be revived nowadays?

Sure! We have done that already when we created the classic Ukrainian embroidered shirtWild rose flower”. It is crafted in traditional tones. Two coloursclaret and blackagainst the white background. However, we dared to make it somewhat modern as we crafted it for contemporary women. Also, besides well-known embroidery, we embellished it with an application of red flowers and red inlays.

Yet, it makes the blouse even more charming. Like the shirts embroidered by our grannies, it is made with love and hopes for a happy future. And as it was believed long ago, the recipient of vyshyvanka will bring to life everything she dreams about. The item is 65 cm long. 

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