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Skirt Bogema pink

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When the weather gets cold, everyone longs to stay warm and comfortable. Yet, we want bright colours at the same time, which we lack so much in grey city streets. And what if the day is sunny but you are in a gloomy mood? In both cases, you need a gay and bright thing to bring colours to the grey everyday routine and to cheer up even stubborn never smiling princesses.


Such a thing is just in front of you – this is a pleated knitted pink skirt with colourful horizontal stripes. It is comfortably fixed on the waist and makes you feel unsurpassed. During the nice day when you choose to wear the shirt “Bohema” you enjoy absolute comfort and admiring looks of everyone around.


The item is 80 cm long. It goes well with slim-cut tops, shirts, and blouses. As for footwear, you can choose your favourite moccasins, high heeled shoes or extraordinary light boots. What is your mood today – to laugh and to have fun or to seduce and to enjoy life to the fullest?

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