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A man dressed in an embroidered shirt for a family celebration, social event, or even his wedding looks very attractive, stylish, and elegant. Ukrainian national attire suits men well, emphasizing their masculinity, strength, and confidence. The "Grim" shirt, adorned with delicate authentic embroidery, is a great acquisition for the modern man. Its ornament, known since the times of Ukrainian Cossacks, symbolizes strong family ties and well-being. The embroidery on the collar, chest, and cuffs contrasts beautifully with the light, high-quality linen fabric, ensuring maximum comfort. This shirt is ideal as a wedding shirt for the groom, pairing well with classic trousers or jeans, and it brings positive energy to its wearer.

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    A man who wears an embroidered shirt at a family festivity, social gathering or even at his own wedding, looks very attractive, stylish and elegant. 

    Ukrainian national clothes successfully stress braveness, strength and confidence of their recipient. The shirt “Thunder” will be a good purchase for a modern man. It is decorated with refined authentic embroidery. 

    This ornament was known even many centuries ago, at the dawn of the Cossack times. Hetmans and rich Cossacks had embroidered shirts with specific patterns. This clothing was crafted from rare fabrics and embroidered with rich threads such as golden and silver threads, multi-coloured cotton threads and silk. Men in such luxurious clothes were cherished fiancés for girls. They wore their best clothes for their wedding occasions adorned with flawless embroidery. 

    Owing to the fact that embroidery traditions passed from generation to generation, its unique techniques, customs and meanings have reached us at the present time. The embroidery of Cossack leaders is among them. It is featured with skittered flowers closely interwoven in one unique floral ensemble. It symbolizes a big family, the strength and importance of the family bonds, wellbeing of all family members. Such embroidery was supposed to attract good luck, prosperity to its recipient and of course his spouse’s love and respect of his close people. 

    The embroidered skirt “Thunder” has a classic design specific for the traditional Ukrainian embroidery. The patterns are featured on the collar, front part and sleeve cuffs. They make an appealing contrast with the light fabric – high quality linen which secures utmost comfort while wearing this item. 

    It is possible to wear the introduced embroidered shirt as a wedding outfit for the groom. It goes well with classic trousers or modern jeans and what is more, it cheers up and positively recharges, what is especially important for a man stepping into a happy family life. 

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