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Embroidered dress Molfarka darkblue

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Fabric color: Dark blue


    The embroidery with dark threads on a dark cloth is a unique and beautiful decision in the dress design. It enhances the dress name “Molfarka” in the best way possible. As it looks mysterious, enigmatic and authentic. If you want to feel like a seductive molfar female who knows magic secrets and possesses supernatural properties, this model will fit you ideally. 

    Traditional Ukrainian embroidery impresses with its vivid fest of colours, that’s why monochromic decisions are perceived somewhat unusual. Nevertheless, such patterns can be found in the large diversity of the national clothes as well. The accomplishing of this dress conveyed the task not to reproduce the ancient ornament but to apply its motifs and to unite them with modern design and vision. This embroidery has become a peculiar retrospective to the past but not the complete merging with it. 

    For example, regarding blue, it conveyed important symbolic meaning. Blue was considered to be the reflection of the feminine nature and feminine energetics. It symbolizes calmness, balance, spiritual harmony. Such a meaning makes this tone even more appropriate for a female dress. No doubt, the dress “Molfarka” possesses those special vibes which are so necessary for a modern woman who aspires to be strong, successful and self-confident.

    The dark blue long embroidered dress “Molfarka” helps its recipient to stand out in a moment. A woman in such a dress just can’t be lost in the crowd, she illuminates her inner power, catches admiring looks and stirs strong emotions. 

    The secret of the model effect lies in the successful colour decision, well thought design, flawless performance and high quality fabrics: linen and guipure. The dress creates a desired female silhouette with a beautifully enhanced figure and the waist line. A falling skirt looks always brilliant – it makes possible to wear either high heeled or flat shoes.

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