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The "Kozachka" dress is an elegant blend of tradition and modernity. White and cornflower blue, 125 cm long, it's adorned with traditional Ukrainian embroidery featuring pomegranate motifs, reflecting Cossack heritage. The model has puffy sleeves and abundant embroidery on the front. Made from high-quality linen, the "Kozachka" dress provides comfort and versatility, suitable for various footwear - from elegant shoes to sneakers, making it ideal for diverse occasions.

Size: XS/S
Fabric color: White


    When your soul longs for cornflower tenderness and you shine with pleasure, your clothes should match your mood. The white-blue dress Cozachka suits in this case ideally. The embroidery is of the cornflower colour, in Ukrainian traditions. But you may ask, why does Ukrainian embroidery feature pomegranates? They are a characteristic feature of embroidered clothes of Cossack leaders. Cossacks travelled a lot and brought many foreign presents to their wives and relatives. It is no wonder that Oriental sweets, and pomegranates in particular, appeared in the Ukrainian ornaments of those times. They copied them well and mingled them in the patterns of their embroidered items. 

    The dress Cozachka is 125 cm long, it looks elegant and festive. The embroidery is placed in abundance on the puffed sleeves and the front part of the item – it looks gorgeous and reveals the beauty and majesty of Ukrainian embroidery. The dress matches well with numerous footwear options, be it high heeled shoes or flat ones, or perhaps you would like to try and match it with sneakers? Why not? Modern fashion lovers are free to do everything they like. The fabric is natural high-quality linen to provide you with tactile pleasure and comfort. 

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