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Ukrainian vyshyvanka — Welcome to our e-shop 2KOLYORY




Cotton embroidered dresses - natural and simple!

Cotton embroidered dresses - natural and simple!

Embroidered cotton dresses are increasingly actively winning wardrobes of modern Ukrainian girls and women. Such clothes, made in the national Ukraini

Embroidered dress - what to wear?

Embroidered dress - what to wear?

Ukrainian embroidered dresses are an integral part of the culture and traditions of our people. After a long history, the meaning and appearance of th

Fashion trends in embroidered shirts autumn-winter 2019-2020

Fashion trends in embroidered shirts autumn-winter 2019-2020

Ukrainian embroidery is experiencing a new wave of popularity around the world. This is not surprising, because such products can often be seen on the

Vyshyvanka - embroidery is always in fashion!

In recent years, things with Ukrainian symbolism and color are at the height of popularity throughout Ukraine and not only! Each culture and people has its own traditional clothing, however, only Ukrainian embroidered shirt can carry a deep sacral and at the same time a patriotic meaning. World designers regularly supply their collections with outfits from traditional ethnic styles, complemented by motifs and colors of various ornaments and embroideries. Despite the huge variety of such apparels, the whole world community recognizes the culture of Ukrainian embroidery. Even in the old days, ukrainian vyshyvanka were made of cotton, linen or hemp. Vyshyvanka shirts were decorated with national ornaments and patterns, which were located on the collar and sleeves.

Vyshyvanka - national Ukrainian ebrodered clothing

The modern variety of different types and samples of fabrics allows our customers to buy Ukrainian vyshyvanka from natural or synthetic raw materials at favorable prices. The production of vyshyvanka is a complex and painstaking business, which requires the master much experience and patience. It is for this reason, the training of women for all the wisdom of embroidery went for years. Young girls had to have time before marriage to prepare embroidered vyshyvanka shirts not only for the future husband, but also for his relatives. In addition, the bride embroidered a vyshyvanka dress for herself, which after the celebrations associated with the wedding, became a kind of amulet and was kept throughout life.

Vyshyvanka is not simple clothes, it is a sacramental element of our ancestors' wardrobe, embroidered in a special way. Present ornaments and patterns are the most diverse and numerous. Looking at them, you can consider certain national and historical features. It is for this reason that hand-embroidered clothing is closer not only to the body, but also to the spirit of each person.

Where to buy ukrainian embroidered shirts?

The online store of embroideries 2KOLYORY is a family brand, which first announced itself in the Ukrainian market in 2015. The products of our store are a skilful and unique combination of elements that symbolize the male and female origins.

In the catalog of the online store of embroideries 2KOLYORY you can find a variety of clothing models for:

  • men;

  • women;

  • children;

  • family;

Especially for men are embroidered shirts and shirts. On our store you can find a lot of different, colourful and bright ukrainian vyshyvanka for women. The fair sex representatives will be able to find original vyshyvanka dresses and unique shirts, blouses, skirts and even outer clothing with embroidery elements.

Additionally you can purchase the following thematic accessories:

  • beads;

  • earrings;

  • wreaths;

  • belt;

  • sets for baptism;

  • tablecloths;

  • dolls.

The mission of 2KOLYORY is to preserve and transmit the age-old traditions of our people. Successfully combining modern fashion trends and historical Ukrainian customs, we recreate embroidered clothes and embroideries, which are suitable for both special events and everyday wear.