The limited collection of pride embroidery is now on sale

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We are excited to announce the launch of a new limited edition pride embroidery collection, created especially for pride month! This unique collection was developed in cooperation with KyivPride and KharkivPride to combine two important identities: Ukrainian and rainbow.

Vyshyvanka has always been a symbol of national pride, cultural heritage and unity of the Ukrainian people. Adding elements of pride to this means not only supporting the LGBTQ+ community, but also highlighting our commitment to equality, love and inclusion.

Uniqueness of embroidery

Each pride embroidery is a unique work of art that combines traditional Ukrainian patterns with the rainbow colors of pride. These are not just clothes, but a true embodiment of the spirit of modern Ukraine, which respects its history and looks to the future with hope and optimism.

Support of the Ukrainian army

By purchasing a pride embroidered shirt, you not only get a unique wardrobe item, but also make an important contribution to the support of the Ukrainian army. 40% of the sale of each embroidered shirt will go to the Pride collection, which will help the Ukrainian military in five different areas:

 - REBs for the special unit of NSU "Omega"

 - 55 FPV drones for the 54th OMBr

 - Components for drones for the "Achilles" tank of the 92nd OShBr and Mavic 3T for SSO on the border

 - Ares drone complex and 15 FPV drones for LGBTQ+ military

 - Medical supplies for wounded veterans

 - Join the support

Every purchase is not only an act of support, but also an expression of your personal position on the importance of equality and freedom. Let your embroidery become a symbol of unity, courage and hope for a better future for all of us.

Do your part and be a part of this important initiative. Hurry, because the collection is limited!

You can order a pride embroidered shirt right now on our official website!

Together we are stronger. Together we are invincible


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