Embroidered shirts for winter holidays: ideas for Christmas and New Year

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Embroidered shirts for winter holidays: ideas for Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year holidays are really special. They are filled with warmth, magic, and an extraordinary atmosphere. These holidays create a great opportunity for a reboot, positive emotions and a reminder of the importance of family ties and mutual understanding. It is a time when we feel the joy of being united with our closest people, enjoying shared moments, traditions and gifts.

When we decorate our homes for the Christmas and New Year holidays, we don't forget to choose outfits for ourselves. According to ancient Ukrainian traditions, embroidered shirts were the traditional outfit for Christmas Eve and the Christmas cycle holidays. Whether it was St. Andrew's Day with festivities, fortune-telling and kalyta, or St. Nicholas Day, when children were waiting for gifts, or Christmas Eve with kutia and twelve dishes, Christmas with carols, Malanka with shchedrivkas, and Vasyl with sowing. Each holiday was accompanied by wearing embroidered clothes.

If you need to choose an outfit for Christmas dinner, and this is a special time when the family gathers together at the festive table, you can pay attention to family outfits. For example, the "Oberig"  embroidered shirts and the "Berehynya" and "Oberig" embroidered shirts for children will be an incredible find for parents and kids.

Family embroideries "Thunder" and "Gromovytsia" and children's embroideries with the same name will be a great option for Christmas outfits for the whole family.

You can also choose embroidered shirts separately for mom and daughter and for dad and son. The women's embroidered shirt and the Morozets shirt for girls will become a special decoration during the Christmas party.

For dads and sons, embroidered "Rombu Kosach" shirts can be a great option for an embroidered outfit for Christmas.

When choosing an embroidered outfit for a couple, pay attention to the option with the "Kvity Zory" dress or the "Lebedyne" shirts for him and her. They look so harmonious and modern that they will be an adornment not only for Christmas holidays.

During the New Year holidays, you can create an image that will be associated with literary characters from Christmas stories. Dressing up in an incredible  «Berehynia» dress and complementing it with a matching headdress, you will get a colorful image of Solokha from Gogol's famous "The Night Before Christmas".

When you go caroling, singing carols or sowing, wear a charming embroidered dress with a name that speaks for itself, Dykanka. It is available in two colors and has luxurious embroidery all over the piece. The dress "Dykanka" will bring attention to your bow and a generous Christmas present.

If you need to choose an elegant look for the holidays, the 2kolyory brand will help you with this. By choosing a long embroidered dress in black, complementing it with, for example, a leather belt to match the embroidery, and exquisite shoes, you will get a stylish and sophisticated look for a New Year's Eve party. We offer you to take a closer look at our dresses "Vyrii", "Knyazhna",  "Pannochka".

You can add weightlessness and lightness to your New Year's look by choosing an embroidered blouse or dress with tulle, organza, or mesh elements. Just look at the incredibly beautiful options we have to offer. These are the embroidered dress "Yahidka" and the embroidered blouses «Serpanok» and «Marevo». The latter two are presented in black and white colors. The look can be complemented with a skirt or palazzo pants made of silk or satin.

If you already have a festive dress or a traditional-style bow, but want to add a zest with embroidered ornaments, pay attention to Vatra corsets and Petrykivka vests. They accentuate the look and add sophistication and uniqueness. Corsets and vests are available in milk and black colors.

Outfits with embroidery for the Christmas and New Year holidays will always be an accurate reflection of your personality and festive mood. Don't be afraid to experiment with styles and add a special twist to your chosen look. The main thing is to feel stylish, comfortable and festive.

In addition, an embroidered shirt can be a great gift for the Christmas and New Year holidays. However, if you are not sure what kind of embroidered outfit to buy for a loved one, you can choose a certificate for a certain amount. It will definitely be a pleasant surprise.


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