Vyshyvanka for newlyweds: ideas of original wedding images

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Choosing a wedding dress is always an exciting moment. After all, it is very important to choose not only a good outfit, but also a comfortable one to feel confident, and a stylish one to follow the latest trends. In our new post, we will tell you which models of embroidered wedding clothes to give preference to when preparing for an important holiday.

A wedding is a special event in the life of every person. After all, this is the time when two people unite in marriage before God and society. A wedding is a symbol of the beginning of a new stage in life. This is a holiday during which family and friends gather together to express their support and warm wishes to the newlyweds, so it is extremely important to organize it carefully so that no small things distract, but there are only pleasant emotions and impressions.

The selection of wedding clothes for both the bride and the groom deserves special attention. Embroidered shirts and dresses are gaining more and more popularity as wedding clothes. However, it is a long-standing tradition to wear embroidered clothes when going to the crown. After all, it was the wedding embroidery that always had a special meaning. A wedding dress was a family heirloom in every family, which was passed down from generation to generation. Embroidered clothes were an attribute of protection, and also attracted the energy of blessings into the lives of couples for a future happy and successful life. Therefore, the thinnest and whitest cloth was chosen for wedding shirts, which was decorated with generous embroidery. Instead, casual and work shirts were usually made of coarser and less bleached cloth, with embroidery only on the collars and cuffs.

It should be remembered that vyshyvanka is also one of the national codes of Ukrainians, which has a strong historical basis. More and more wedding celebrations are held in the traditional Ukrainian style, giving preference to establishments with a Ukrainian theme and national cuisine, choosing embroidered shirts and dresses for wedding attire. With the fact that embroidered clothes can also be more classic, and can look fashionable and be styled with various accessories. Modern wedding embroidered clothing is distinguished by updated forms, additional details, a variety of colors and abundant ornaments.

Paired embroidered dresses deserve special attention, because when you wear them to the brim, they look cute and touching. Just look at our family embroidery «Grim»  and «Gromovytsya» . Made with red threads on a snow-white background, they look extremely attractive on a pair. The men's shirt is decorated with floral embroidery, namely oak leaves and its fruits - acorns, which means strength, maturity and readiness for family life. Our ancestors also used this ornament to decorate wedding vyshyvankas. The "Gromovytsya" dress is richly decorated with flowers that symbolize girlish beauty, fertility, health and wealth. In addition, they are a certain talisman against troubles and the evil eye. The red color of the embroidery also carries a similar meaning. After all, it is not for nothing that even today they tie the wrists with a red thread from failures.

Paired embroidery  «Grim» and «Gromovytsya» also have embroidery in other colors. A crystal clear, extremely delicate and fragile pattern adorns the wedding dress. Men's embroidered shirts are also available in milky and white colors with silver embroidery. It should be noted that intertwined twigs, leaves and buds are a symbol of a friendly family, family continuity and a long family life.

Paired embroidered shirts «Bereginya» and «Oberig» are distinguished by two-color embroidery on white linen fabric. The combination of red and black colors and geometric ornament has a great symbolic meaning and is a talisman for its owner. The embroidered dress "Bereginya" has lush sleeves, which are richly decorated with sacred ornaments - Bereginya, which protects the entire family, restoring and maintaining ancestral ties.

Family embroidered shirts from the latest collection «Lebedyn» and «Lebedivka» confidently win the hearts of newlyweds. Delicate embroidery on a milky background looks gentle and attractive.

Another example of incredible white dresses with a red pattern is the «Cherry Orchard» dress . Their main highlight is the "Tree of Life" embroidery, which is decorated with a pair of little birds looking at each other, symbolizing the loving glances of the newlyweds.

Incredibly delicate and charming embroidered dress  «Golubka» will be a decoration of every bride. Having a modern design, it is decorated with ancient borscht embroidery, which is recognized as a phenomenal phenomenon of Ukrainian culture and known all over the world. Just look at the painstaking work that has been done and what a fantastic result we have.

The embroidered dress «Molfarka» . is weightless, like a cloud. The combination of linen and guipure made it possible to create a seductive and romantic model that would suit every bride. Having an original cut and decorated with authentic embroidery, the "Molfarka" dress will emphasize a woman's beauty.

And finally, an incredible embroidered dress with a name that speaks for itself, The Bride. A long, snow-white dress with sophisticated and saturated white-on-white embroidery will leave no chance of being unnoticed. Due to the originality of the style, well-chosen fabrics, impressive ornament, this dress is a favorite of more than one wedding season. A comfortable and stylish corset adds special charm and perfection to the image. The «Narechena» dress is presented in two colors.

Choose your wedding dress model and be the most beautiful on your wedding day.


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