Public Initiatives

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Public Initiatives

Since the beginning of the full-scale war on the territory of Ukraine, conscious citizens do not stand aside for a single day. Some have joined the military to defend their homeland, some have immersed themselves in volunteer work, and others continuously donate. The brand 2kolyory is also actively involved and helps bring Victory closer.

From the first days of the invasion, we made the decision to establish the production of body armor carriers for territorial defense. As the number of volunteers was constantly increasing, they were going on duty in regular jackets without proper protective gear.

A bulletproof vest is a very complex product in its structure, with many layers, hardware, and operations. It must be functional and, most importantly, capable of carrying the weight of two ballistic plates. For this, the right design, load calculations, and high-quality hardware are essential.

We decided to purchase specialized fabric from Poland, metal plates, and the necessary hardware. We announced a fundraiser for 1,500,000 hryvnias because we needed about 1,300,000 just for the fabric and plates. And so, the first month of the full-scale invasion became a time of getting to know and communicating with a tremendous number of wonderful people for us. Their strength, courage, and love were an inspiration and a glimmer of goodness in this brutal war. Together, we raised a record amount of 1,285,000 hryvnias. We were able to produce and deliver 410 body armor carriers to the front lines. We express sincere thanks to everyone who joined our initiative.

This spring, we also joined another project. Together with the Charity Foundation Front-U, we designed a unique embroidered shirt with a pattern of nettle. We chose this ornament deliberately because nettle is software developed to assist our soldiers on the front lines in carrying out challenging tasks against our adversaries. So, the shirt was charged with good deeds! Everyone could participate in this project by donating 500 hryvnias for tablets with the "Nettle" software and other tactical devices through the provided link. If the charitable contribution was 15,000 hryvnias or more, an embroidered shirt with nettle was given as a gift. The project lasted for 3 weeks from March 1st to March 21st. As a result, 24 incredible exclusive embroidered shirts from the brand 2kolyory found their owners. 18 embroidered items became guaranteed prizes for donations of 15,000 hryvnias, and 6 embroidered shirts were awarded to the winners of the raffle. Together, we are approaching Victory!


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