Modern trends in embroidery: how to combine tradition with fashion

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Modern trends in embroidery: how to combine tradition with fashion

When choosing new clothing, we always consider whether we will look stylish and modern in it. The same goes for embroidered shirts. How to choose the most appropriate option of fashionable embroidered clothing from 2kolyory? Read more in the new post.

Recently, Ukrainian embroidered clothing has been gaining increasing popularity. This trend is not only spreading within our country but also expanding worldwide. Several factors contribute to this, unfortunately, including the military conflict in Ukraine. After the onset of armed aggression by russia, interest in Ukrainian culture and language, fascination with the Ukrainian people, and the recognition of Ukrainian embroidered clothing have significantly increased. Embroidered shirts, known as 'vyshyvankas,' as symbols of national identity, reflect the depth and strength of Ukrainians. Celebrities, politicians, businessmen, and fashion houses have enriched their clothing collections with embroidered attire. Vyshyvankas on international runways have become a common sight. Fashion magazines have confirmed the relevance and popularity of Ukrainian ethnic clothing.

Despite Ukrainian vyshyvanka being considered traditional attire, it has undergone modernization in recent times. While preserving the basic elements of traditional ornamentation, whether geometric patterns or floral motifs, designers refresh the form, add fashionable details, and offer stylistic solutions.

Yes, modernized embroidered clothing features contemporary cuts. Instead of the traditional long-sleeved and round-necked vyshyvanka, consider creating a more modern look by choosing a dress with three-quarter sleeves and a stand-up collar, like our 'Lozova' dress.

Modernized embroidered dresses feature trendy details, such as V-shaped necklines on both the front and back. 'Lebedivka' from the new 'Dodomu' collection confidently refreshes your wardrobe.

Лебедівка блакитна_4.jpgЛебедівка блакитна_1.jpg

Embroidered dresses can have exposed shoulders. Examples of such garments include the 'Barvinok' or 'Podykh' dresses, which exude delicacy and romance.


A kimono-like silhouette of an embroidered blouse allows for a more contemporary look. 'Dolynka' and 'Kvitka' vyshyvankas are excellent examples of this trend.


Today's vyshyvanka trends allow for combining traditional elements with modern details. One way to modernize embroidered blouses is to use unconventional materials such as silk, tulle, chiffon, or organza. These fabrics can be used for blouse elements or the entire garment. The 'Serpanok' embroidered blouse is adorned with incredibly delicate embroidery on tulle inserts, making it tender and a work of art.


'Marevo' is an embroidered blouse embellished with intricate embroidery on chiffon.


Experimenting with colors in urban collections of vyshyvankas is a confident step in merging ancient traditions with contemporary trends. Modernized embroidered clothing can feature vibrant and pastel colors or patterns in shades that refresh traditional pieces remarkably. The 'Lyubymivka' embroidered dress in powder pink, the matching 'Lebedyn' and 'Lebedyne' pieces in dark blue, and the 'Lozova' dress in sea wave color exemplify how modern trends influence traditional ethnic attire.


Moreover, you can modernize vyshyvankas by combining not only different fabrics but also materials of various colors, as seen in the 'Oleksandriya' dress.


Don't forget about additional details that can add freshness and modernity to embroidered clothing. These can be tassels, not only at the neckline but also on the garment itself.


Additionally, belts are a great way to refresh embroidered dresses.

bereginja(2).jpgДиканька червона_4.jpg

Another set of additional elements that make traditional pieces modern are pockets.


It's important to remember that modernized vyshyvankas still preserve the spirit and symbolism of traditional Ukrainian clothing but add a sense of freshness and contemporaneity to the outfit. In general, the main rule is to stay true to traditions but don't be afraid to experiment to create a bold and stylish look in ethnic attire.


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