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The "Volynska Bila" men's embroidery from 2KOLYORY is a classic vyshyvanka with unique black and silver embroidery on a white background. This color combination makes the traditional pattern bright, fashionable, and stylish. The design skillfully intertwines geometric and botanical motifs, giving the product a distinctive originality. The diamond pattern symbolizes fertility, the infinity sign represents eternal being, while the plant ornament signifies the prosperity and vital force of the lineage.

Size: XS
Fabric color: White


The "Volyn white" men's embroidery from 2KOLYORY is a celebration of cultural heritage and the art of embroidery. The black and silver threads on white linen create not only contrast but also allow each element of the pattern to stand out, highlighting the complexity and precision of the craftsmanship. Traditional patterns, such as diamonds and triangles, are here combined with more complex botanical motifs, symbolizing natural fertility and eternal rebirth.

Each element of the embroidery carries a specific symbolic meaning. Diamond patterns, reminiscent of the fruits of the earth, symbolize prosperity and abundance, underscoring the connection between humans and the life-giving force of nature. Plant motifs with their unique twists and swirls represent growth and development, which are integral parts of every person's life. The infinity symbol, woven into the ornament, reminds us of the continuity of being and the eternal cycles of nature.

The embroidery technique used in creating this vyshyvanka conveys the expertise of our embroiderers, who through their work not only create beauty but also express deep respect for cultural traditions. High-quality linen, which serves as the base for "Volynska Bila," is an excellent canvas that allows the threads to reveal a full spectrum of colors and nuances, ensuring durability and comfort when worn. This vyshyvanka is not just clothing—it is a luxury that is passed down from generation to generation, embodying history and identity.

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